Frank Harris

This part of the site is dedicated to the notorious author and editor Frank Harris, whose My Life and Loves scandalised Britain, Europe and America in the 1920s. Notwithstanding his reputation as a rogue and womaniser, he was an entertaining writer and individual who was always his own man.

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The Man Shakespeare


For background material used in writing this review I am indebted to Shakespeare's Lives by the late Professor S. Schoenbaum, an inestimable history of Shakespeare biography, with a brief chapter devoted to Harris' efforts. Schoenbaum was not terribly impressed by Harris but grudgingly conceded that he was at least a more entertaining writer than most.




As a physical entity, this is a highly attractive book - produced in an edition limited to 3010 copies, beautifully printed on high-grade heavy paper, deckle-edged, bound in black cloth with a design of leaves, and with gilt lettering and an image of Harris stamped on the front.


Mr And Mrs Daventry

A Play in Four Acts

In 1894, Oscar Wilde came up with the scenario for a play. The key scene is one in which a woman is alone resting in a darkened room when her husband and his mistress Lady X enter and begin a love scene. The husband of Lady X is then heard shouting angrily at the door, whereupon to the surprise of the lovers, the wife turns on the light and admits him, making some excuse about keeping Lady X up with 'an experiment in thought reading'.