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The Pauper's Guide to Collecting Amanda M. Ros

"I trust your race of penury is almost run"

- from Irene Iddesleigh

Books by Amanda McKittrick Ros tend to be expensive and hard to come by. With that in mind, here is a list of editions which can be obtained relatively cheaply, so that the impoverished collector may obtain at least a few samples of her most precious output.

  1. A Cupful of Tears, compiled by Martin Seymour Smith, Wolfe Publishing, 1965. This collection of sentimental Victorian stories includes Irene Iddesleigh in its glorious entirety. Out of print, but neither difficult to come by nor expensive.

  2. Thine in Storm and Calm, An Amanda McKittrick Ros Reader. Edited and introduced by Frank Ormsby, the Blackstaff Press, 1988. A marvellous compilation including some very rare material. Out of print and somewhat hard to find, though generally not expensive.

  3. The Penguin Book of British Comic Stories edited by Patricia Craig, London, Viking, 1990. Includes a chapter of Helen Huddleson. In print.
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  4. Great Irish Humorous Stories edited by Peter Haining, London, Souvenir Press, 1995. Includes the first and only chapter of Amanda's unfinished novel Donald Dudley, the Bastard Critic.

  5. Very Bad Poetry. Edited by Kathryn & Ross Perras, Vintage Books, 1997. Includes some of Amanda's verse, as well as many other delightfully awful efforts.
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  6. In Search of the World's Worst Writers, Nick Page, Harper Collins, 2000. Rates Amanda as the worst of the worst, and includes several extracts from her work.
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If you are not hung up about condition, you may also find acceptably priced copies of her books on online bookseller sites from time to time. Use Addall or Bookfinder to locate them.

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