Pyramid Power

G. Pat Flanagan
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Pyramid Power

This book was not the first to attribute quasi-magical powers to pyramids, but it has been one of the most influential. Since it was first published in 1973 it has been continuously in print. You can, if you have money to waste, purchase it from Amazon today.

One of the reasons for its success is, I suspect, the forcefulness with which Flanagan makes his claims. As he has it:-

Each sentence in this book is a complete thought within itself, and is therefore printed in a format known as Ventilated Prose.

(Italics in original). Match that for pomposity: the term “ventilated prose” was coined by R. Buckminster Fuller to describe his poetry, but as used by Flanagan it means a series of one-sentence paragraphs consisting of bare assertions with little in the way of argument or evidence to back them up, like this sequence which could equally well be printed as a single paragraph, with the added bonus that the book would be less of a waste of paper:-

Czech scientists have been hard at work investigating pyramid power and other forms of “shaped power”.

A Czech engineer, Robert Pavlita has come up with a number of interesting devices he calls “psychotronic generators”.

These devices resemble modern art sculpturings made of metal, wood, and paper.

At least one American scientist has visited Pavlita and examined his generators and could detect no fraud.

It is claimed that the various generators can create mechanical movement, purify water, and attract magnetic and non-magnetic particles, even under water!

The Czechs have been very hush-hush about the devices and have revealed nothing that can be evaluated properly.

(There used to be a very strange web site about Robert Pavlita, still accessible thanks to The Wayback Machine. I cannot resist the temptation to quote from it: “Let us go directly to balls”. Exactly.)

Somehow in Flanagan's mind the most startling claims, no matter how unsubstantiated, have to be believed. Pyramids, he says, preserve food from decay, sharpen razor blades, and make cats vegetarian. The food preservation idea is due to a Frenchman, Antoine Bovis, who observed that organic matter thousands of years old inside the Pyramids of Egypt had failed to decay. He jumped to the conclusion that this effect was due to the shape of the Pyramids rather than any other possible cause. Flanagan adds that:-

One person reports that maggots left meat if a pyramid was placed over the maggot infested meat.

He said that the maggots left and starved to death rather than go back to the meat.

If you have a bullshit meter to hand, you may well notice an abnormally high reading at this point. (The thought occurs that perhaps the maggots had been converted to vegetarianism, in which case surely they should have been provided with some carrots to munch on, rather than callously being allowed to die of hunger.)

Flanagan rounds off his book with an advocacy of the existence of the ether, which he strains to make a viable explanation for the so-called pyramid effect. However it should be noted that much of what he writes is lifted without credit, word for word, from another silly but more obscure work, “The Ether and its Vortices” by Carl Krafft (self-published, 1955). Such intellectual dishonesty is saddening but hardly unsurprising given what precedes it.

The best thing about this book is the picture of its author on the back of the jacket, showing his pyramid tent and his amazing pyramid trousers, very effective against foot-rot, no doubt.

Author Patrick Flanagan with his Pyramid Tent

More pyramidiocy: Great Pyramid Proof of God.


Somebody stick a pyramid over me. I need to lose 5 lbs.

...if you decide you need to lose more weight, I've found amputation to be a ample resource as well.

I am discarding this book from the library where I work this very moment. I came across this page while searching for "ventilated prose" because I wondered just what the heck he meant by this (and as mentioned on another website, I find the broken-up paragraphs rather hard to read visually, although I gather it's intended to improve comprehension in reading aloud). I was very amused to see that you had the exact same thought as I did about the picture on the back. Before reading this page, I swear, my exact thought was "author with his pyramid tent and his pyramid *pants*, yikes!"

Hi Lisa. Here's another site you might like if you don't know it already:

Not sure what you mean by hypocrisy, Francois. Care to elucidate?

I've pointed out some instances in the past of books which they considered "weird" and how it was hypocrite of them to single out those topic and not other topics that people of the liberal persuasion believe in. It did not go over very well. Mainly it's just me being me. I complain about a lot of things.
Wow!! A site to hate authors, I guess haters have to have a place to hate; but this site also promots authors who hate on others for their beliefs and perspective on information that they have researched in the time when the books were written. All because they are different. These types of writings should be read with an open mind so as to see how the writings speak to your mind and if you find you don't like them that is fine. There is no need to bash somebody or to make fun at their appearance, or is that what we have all come to. If so we should all be careful because NONE of us believe or feel exactly the same and we could be next to be bashed. I was also wondering has anybody tried to build any of the items from the electrical diagrams? I think you might be surprised if you did.

I don't hate authors Anadon, I just try to see if what they write makes sense or not. In this particular case, would you defend the author's plagiarism that I pointed out?

It surely does no anyone any favours to suggest that keeping an open mind means not being critical of what someone writes if it happens to align with one's prejudices. That is the opposite of thinking for oneself: it's lazy and it encourages fraud and quackery.

Don't say shut up when you don't like what you hear, find a proper argument against the criticism. In this case, some actual evidence of the author's claims would be more convincing than yet another moan against sceptics like myself. I used to believe this sort of guff myself, many years ago, but reading widely has convinced me otherwise.

PS. Lisa I hope you don't throw the book away, at least donate it to a Goodwill or something, maybe somebody else might like to read it. I am a book lover and my library does contain this book.
Dis boi pat flannolette is very good writa. He relly relly make a big sense to me cause i am what dey call yungsta j from the bellergo. Hehe i love patty flan flan he da man man and I can tell you that de pyramid of giza dus magic things i was there when eye was yung and probs bout 8 years old and i got taken by enormous things into what they called a void from da mind. I Have seen many things which a word cant describe its like no other sense it is what my daddy showed me in the pyramid and i hav never been tha same since den. My Daddy had to cut himself for de things which wanted mummy to be naked and they make me Lick the trickling blood from my mums bum and wow it was such a funny moment but the things did not like or enjoy that i could be laughing. my dad was only a little mean to me at once stage he had to put something inside my tuut tuut but my mum hugged me and it was okay and felt relly good after that. I cant remember what happened next its not a memory it was an experience but not something i can saY but yeah pyramid is the only thing i am now i can say with a confident approach that every anomoly is visible with tender care and rarity.. Quite odd really. Peace

I bought that book apparently just after it came out, 3 years after graduating from Berkeley. Looked around my place now. Couldn't find it.
Instead of insulting someone, like is so common today, I made a simple
test. I constructed a pyramid to exact Cheops proportion, about a foot
square, and put some sugar cubes in an ant-infested area. They climbed'
all over them. Then I put my translucent pyramid over it and they immediately became very agitated and left the cubes, looking for the
exits, so to speak.

Tom, did you also test with other covers? For example a box-shaped one, a pyramid of different proportions, ones made of different materials translucent or opaque? If not, your experiment doesn't demonstrate anything very much. Something changed in the environment and the ants responded. It might simply have been your shadow as you placed the pyramid over them, for instance.

Flanagan, as a pretentious plagiarist who doesn't have the words critical thinking in his vocabulary, doesn't deserve anything more than mockery.

OMG you bunch of cretinous monkies! I just wanted to come on here and rattle your monkey cages! Eat peanuts you book burners! Soon the pyramid technology will break through even into your dull consciousness,.. well maybe not, but for the rest of us, rainbow cosmic orgasms ahoy!!

resreche and magic and scince

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