Lovey Banh

Lovey Banh is apparently a real person with Twitter and Facebook accounts. Or is she a bot? She acts like one: lists no less than 265 books under her name, most with lunatic rambling titles and blurbs, priced from a reasonable few dollars to a baffling couple of thousand. 

Like a fool, I have placed an order ...


Lovely Banh brings to mind something from the days of - Victor Franklyn Beckles, who now has 60 books to his credit on Amazon under Rev. Dr. Frank Beckles.

Revisiting his old Angelfire pages was not disappointing. Thanks for that.

Here's the site Mustermann refers to. Amazing that stuff like this is still out there. A cranky old geezer winds up the servers every morning, you know. When he pops his clogs the world will be a less colorful place.

Unlike Lovey Banh's, his books lack bikini pics. And, if this review is to be believed, words.

Thanks, Teddy, that's amazing. 

The original post linked to in the one Teddy gave is here

A while back a friend of mine found a bunch of her (Lovey Banh) stuff out in a field . What should we do with it?
It seems like her whole lifes work including collage notes, clothing, a unsent letter, and a plane ticket were packed up in these boxes.

I got involved after I was given four of her books. I Did a few search querys to find out that her books cost upto $7000 》and never in stock anywhere!
My friend took me to the place he found them . Which is where all her belonging were now scattered through out this field, we gathered as much of the paper (note books ) that we could. She was not joking she went to several years of collage including law school from what we had found out there.

Has anyone heard anything from her? Is she ok? This is sept2017 .
What should I do sell it or turn it in?


I know how to get in touch with her. Please contact me via P.O. Box 142, 90274-0142. It's USPS. I took most of the photographs which appear in her books. She wouldn't want the books thrown away. She actually has a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and attended a semester of medical school before funds ran out.
Happy New Year!

Hey, I know that it's been a while, but would you still happen to have any of those books?? I've been dying to get my hands on at least one of her books

Sadly Ian I only have one of her books and I am going to hang onto it. It looks like all her titles are unavailable now, which is unusual for print-on-demand publications, but there we are.

Hi William, those $7000 prices should not be taken seriously - these are just what she was asking for some of her self-published titles, and I doubt anyone has ever paid that sort of money for them. 

How her stuff ended up in a field is anyone's guess. I think her life has been sadly chaotic. 

What should you do with it? I don't think anyone would buy it. Throwing it away would seem a shame, but I don't know who would want it.

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