Adaptations of Works by Frank Harris

A very few of Harris' works have been adapted for other forms. (See also: portrayals of Frank Harris).

Theatrical adaptations

  • A Modern Idyll, a short story which is printed in the collection Montes the Matador, was made into a short play, The Minister's Call, by Arthur Symons. This play was Symons's first; Oscar Wilde attended a performance of it, where it was produced as part of a triple bill, on the 4th March, 1892. The play may have been included in Symon's Collected Works (9 vols, Secker, 1924) but as yet I have been unable to verify this.

Cinematic adaptations

A borderline case

In its first published form, Volume 5 of My Life and Loves arguably counts as an adaptation, since it was written by Alexander Trocchi from notes left by Harris after he died.

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