Frank Harris Family Tree

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Individual: James Thomas Harris

(Also known as Frank Harris)

Sex: Male
Born: 14 Feb 1856, Galway, Ireland.
Died: 27 Aug 1931, Nice, France.
Father: Thomas Vernon Harris (10 Nov 1814 - Unknown)
Mother: Anne Thomas (1816 - About 1859)
Notes: For more about Frank Harris (born James Thomas Harris), see The Frank Harris Pages.

Marriages (or sexual relationships resulting in children)

Partner: Florence Ruth Adams (Unknown - 27 Aug 1879)
Marriage: 17 Oct 1878, Heidelberg, Germany.

Partner: Emily May Clayton (1839 - 1927)
Marriage: 2 Nov 1887, Kensington Palace Church, London, England.

Partner: May Congden (Unknown - Unknown)
Marriage: NOT MARRIED.
Child: Frances Mary Congden (1898 - Unknown)
Notes: Frank Harris and May Congden met in about 1898. He apparently lived with her for about a year. At the same time he may also have been living with Nellie.

Partner: Nellie O'Hara (About 1877 - 25 Mar 1955)
Marriage: 15 Oct 1929, The American Church, Nice, France.
Notes: Harris and Nellie lived together from about 1898 until his death. They did not actually marry until the death of his second wife, Emily.