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The Journalism of Frank Harris

No detailed study of Harris' journalism exists. The best source for information about the titles he worked on is Tobin and Gertz (indicated by 'TG') but the less reliable biography by E. M. Root ('EMR') lists a few items that they do not. George W Houghton's Adventures of a Gadabout (1936) ('GWH') is the source for information about Harris's contribitions to the little-known Riviera Season.

The following table lists all Harris' editorships. Prior to the first of these he had contributed articles, mainly book reviews, to the Spectator and Fortnightly Review.

Title Period Notes Sources
The Evening News (London Daily) 1883-6 How Harris achieved the editorship of the News aged only 27 and with little relevant experience has been the subject of much debate. My own guess is that Harris overwhelmed its proprietor Lord Folkestone with forceful enthusiasm, and given the paper was already losing money, he decided to give Harris a chance. TG , EMR
The Pictorial World (Weekly), Morning Mail and The Hawk 1884-6 Apparently all these papers were conducted in part by Harris while editing the Evening News. TG , EMR
The Fortnightly Review (Monthly) August 1886-November 1894 A rather turgid and dry periodical. Few issues show much of the mark of Harris. Highlights include Harris' own early short stories and one of H. G. Wells' first published articles The Rediscovery of the Unique (1891). TG , EMR
The Saturday Review (Weekly) December 1894-November 1898 The generally accepted high point of Harris' journalism. Wells and Shaw were among the regular contributers. TG , EMR
The Candid Friend (Weekly) May 1, 1901-August 9, 1902 "A sort of eccentric Tatler" according to Philippa Pullar. TG , EMR
Judy, or Pick-Me-Up About 1906 - EMR
The Automobile Review, The Motorist and Traveller and a revival of The Candid Friend, 1905-6 Tobin and Gertz comment that "this is perhaps the most confused period of Harris' days as a journalist". TG
Vanity Fair (London, weekly) January 2, 1907-10? The great Victorian magazine was in decline; Harris made little headway with it. TG , EMR
Hearth and Home (Weekly) 1911-12 Harris' bizarre stab at a 'ladies' paper', assisted by Hugh Kingsmill and Enid Bagnold. TG , EMR
The Lady A short time in 1912 - EMR
Modern Society (Weekly) September 6, 1913-April 19, 1914 A general interest magazine, largely written by Enid Bagnold. TG , EMR
Pearson's (New York, monthly) September 1916 to September 1922. From October 1922 to April 1925 Harris was contributing editor. More about Pearson's ... TG , EMR
Views of Truth (American, quarterly) 1927-8 Professed to have Harris as European editor, though he is not thought to have done much beyond contributing a few articles. TG
Riviera Season (Nice, France, weekly) 1927? Harris contributed a few articles to this English language paper aimed at ex-pats. Subjects included Edward VII; apparently Harris's lack of deference offended some of its stuffier readers. GWH

Harris also contributed to The Academy (1910-3), The English Review (1910-14), The New York Sun (Jan-Feb 1915), The Saturday Review (1921-24), Ainslee's (1926-27).