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Finding Frank Harris on the Web

The first requirement of your expedition is a good search engine. My favourite is Google, but others have their own merits. The particular strength of Google is when you have a multi-word search, especially when some of the words occur on many pages: this is the problem with looking for Harris material, that the words 'Frank' and 'Harris' are not at all uncommon, the name 'Frank Harris' itself is nothing out of the ordinary, and there are a number of 'writers' 'authors' and 'editors' who are named 'Frank Harris' to some degree.

Therefore, it is useful if you can eliminate unwanted pages before even starting your search. Most good search engines allow you to specify negative criteria such as words not to be matched, or undesired domain addresses. As a starting point here are my Top Four:-


  • The US Law Firm Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver and Jacobson. These nuisances seem to index every page. Say "-Shriver", or "NOT Shriver"
  • Construction Management. Another Frank Harris writes on this topic.
  • Governor Joe Frank Harris. No doubt an excellent chap: but not our one.
  • Frank Harris III. Another excellent chap, but again not the one we're after.

Choosing your search criteria with care, bearing the above in mind, you should stumble across some real curiosities. Be prepared to look far down the list of results: often the most interesting sites do not appear high in the list.

If you come across any material that may fit here, please let me know. In all events, I wish you good luck in your quest - happy hunting!