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Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 28 Apr 2014 - 13:09 Permalink

So, the McDonalds' work is not only bullshit but plagiarised bullshit. And if you don't agree with that term, what would you call a bald assertion like "No fat person enjoys work"? That's your "dead on" Ms Benedict. Ugh.

Submitted by Dan (not verified) on 28 Apr 2014 - 05:35 Permalink

These quotes are from the book "Analyzing People by Sight" or something to that effect. It is by E Benedict. She spent many years confirming her findings. The book didn't talk about races though. I believe she did say that all races have all five types but more of some types than others which would lend credence to the last statement. If you read the book and start to develop the skill to tell people apart using them you'll find that you can understand them quicker and better. No, it doesn't mean that you know everything about them or their destinies but it does provide a framework of understanding the forces that shape them and their thoughts and actions. I've found that the book is dead on. I also know that other shapes, marks on a person's body tells even deeper and more detailed things about them. It's also true that they way a person moves their eyes, their whole body and the way they breathe tells a lot about their beliefs and more.