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In 1847, the Dragon raised his skeletal dead-head from the grave in our sight, and proclaimed throughout the world that none of our histories were correct, and that all human religion was made of the same superstitious substance; all of it being denounced and discredited by the pictures of dinosaurs in a British newspaper in 1847. Within a few years, Charles Darwin jumped on the popular and constantly applauded promiscuous bandwagon to be the star of the show by explaining it all so that humanity was nothing more than a nearly hairless, very clever monkey: descended from an amoeba like creature that just 'appeared' in a slime ocean: an amoeba like thing that became a fish like thing; that became a lizard like thing: that became a gopher like thing, that became you. INDEED, most of mankind (even in the so-self-claimed 'civilized' masses) does live by the social code of the ape tribe to this very day; so that behavioral as well as physiological evidence can be cited to support Darwin's thesis (see Nietzsche's "Genealogy Of Morals"). But no other animal anywhere in the world has ever circumcised itself. Circumcision ALONE proves that there is a fundamental and essential difference between humanity and the animal kingdom. I do not know if The Gap Theory as we now have it completely explains the Nazca Lines or Easter Island as well as the dinosaurs, but it is the only explanation that I presently know of that leaves humanity with any dignity or hope. I will NOT willingly participate (COMPETE) in the society of the apes, and I will affirm monogamy as a sign of human connection to Divinity. Nietzsche's "Superman" was only the 800 pound gorilla, who could bully it's way to the biggest harem, the best seat in the clearing and the first choice of available food. Fallen (sinful) humanity is bestial, but this does not come of bestiality, but of sin. Jesus Christ IS God, and you're not.
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GH Pember was a great man with an amazing insight, but he could only bring to our attention what God purposed him for. He tried to tackle the mystery of the Fall of Man in the garden of Eden...but that revelation was only given 100 years or so later, as I mentioned previously Satan was not a "Snake" coiled arount a tree. Satan is a Spirit who is in opposition to God and the serpent was not a snake but a upright person,...the Curse that God put on him changed his orriginal form. over a long period of time perhaps You are right about Adam being the first human here, but that would be in the present "life cycle" of creation on this Planet. We as humans look back to our orrigins and the mind boggling complexity of life, and we do not realise that God has had many "life Cycles" of creation here. there were billions of years between Gen1:1 and Gen1:2 there will be civilizations again on Earth in the future too,after we have all gone here This fact is also mentioned in the book of Ecclesiastes Chapter1 verse 3 to verse 11 God Bless you
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The thought of a Preadamic civilization came to me several days ago. I then searched the scripture and the inspired sermons by God's servant. After comparing the Scriptures, the sermons and consider their harmony, I am convince that there was "life" before Adam. Make no mistake that I did not say Mankind "life". Mankind started with Adam the son of God and no one else. From last week, I was set free from my "set mind" that the Sun and the moon are only 10,000 years at most. Now I understand the Bible and know that it harmonises with common sense and scientific findings. God bless you.
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God 'bless even you'! Having read only one of his book "Great Prophecies" I have realized that G H Pember was a great man of prophetic caliber whom God had raised in England to reveal the truths that were hidden in the layers of bible and history. Many of his interpretations of 130 years back, have exactly happened in the last century concerning Israel, the church and the gentiles and I strongly believe the remaining ones would very soon 'come to pass'! When the foretold terrible events 'befall' in the coming years; you may remember the words of warnings this great man (like that of Noah) had uttered and pray to the Almighty God for deliverence! Please read his other books as well.
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Well , the way you describe satan is actually true,...he is an acuser of the people of God....he is always around,...he is a spirit in opposition to God...if he can find a fault in the Bible ....and if there is a fault in the Bible, then he would have a right to Eternal Life, and God would be obligated to give it to him. There is no fault in the Bible. if you are a believer, then you are a duallity as a person, and you have to deal with the "old nature" that is what Satan works on and he is a very good adversary,....Salvation doesn't depend on your human ability, if it did, then there would be no reason for God to take on the form of Man two thousand years ago. "He" paid the price as a Man. your name was put on the "Book of Life" way back before the foundation of this Earth. the "Seed Gene" of God is either in you by birth,,...or you can never get it. if you are part of God then Satan is going to attack you. don't condemn yourself,..just keep going. Regards
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I'm kind of a lapsed Christian, also American. Whenever I read anything about the Bible, be it the Bible or maybe Paradise Lost, etc. For some reason I always picture the devil as a Scottish Drunk. You kick him out of the bar, he has no right to be there legally, but somehow he's going to come round later and kick in your window. You can get the cops on him, the law's on your side, but somehow he gets the upper hand and you constantly have to deal with him. Not sure what the theological ramifications are, but it's what goes through my head.
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" he " The Serpent was obviously "one' of a speci, which was the highest form between the animal and the human,...when God cursed him, that whole speci was "taken out" this is the speci who's seed could mix (and did mix)with the human and Satan knew it. It's an undeniable fact that we have animal remnants in us and it's an undeniable fact that we are part animal. it's hybridisation that caused the (free radical) death process in us. whereas before, there was no death. (Ye shall not eat of it neither shall ye touch it) "LESS YE DIE" Gen3:3 (plenty of graveyards just down the road) Unfortuneately it is more than futile for the present anthropologists, scientist and geologists who spend years and years and millions of dollars trying to find this animal,..they know there was a 'Link" but regardless of the fact that they are very educated and very smart, they still have the tendency to walk "rough shod" over a field of "Orchids" with hobnail boots, to inspect or analyze a blade of grass. That animal is still here, he sure is, but after the "Curse" got hold of him , he is no longer in that form. (or in any mood either) and he can never be recognised by Science, geologist, anthropologists and all the other "ologists" that go with it. ...I wonder what Satan thinks about him now?. I wil put Emnity between "Thy" Seed and "Her" Seed Gen3;15 so the Serpent had a seed and and Eve had a seed (or aquired one?) Eve, being the mother of all living, as mentioned in Gen3;20 dissapeared into history, but Adam was NOT the father of all living,. There never was any such thing as a Talking Snake in the garden of Eden and there never was any such thing as an Apple Tree walking around in the "midst"of the Garden either. I think there are a lot of people out there who need to pull the wool "off" their eyes The Seed of the Serpent might be conroversial, but it's the truth nevertheless.
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Tell me , where is it written that Eve was tempted by a Snake skin clad Satan? and where is it written that Adam and Eve were eating a bunch of apples that made them realise they were naked?. Does it not say in Genesis 3 verse 2 that Adam and Eve may eat of "every" friut tree of the "GARDEN" natural friut , including the preverbial Apple. it was the "Curse" that God put on the Serpent that changed his original form through some evolutionary/ adaptational process perhaps This was a person that the Bible referes to as "he" a personal pronoun. and "he" being above all animals in the creation, had an intelegent conversation with Eve, obviously with a very good understanding of the principiles of life. his "inspiration' was Satan, but he himself was not Satan, or any snake coiled around a tree, but the most Subtil of all the beast of the field,..between the animal and the human, just like the Bible says. It's more than obvious that the friut tree that was in the "midst" of the garden, that was not to be touched was Eve herself, the rest is as clear as daylight Man fell, by joining himself to the animal kingdom by choice. that is why God required a BLOOD sacrifice as an atonement. Howcome, the Serpent ( being inspired by Satan) knew the outcome and what it would cause, Had Satan,(Gods enemy) caused a similar thing before here on this planet,...
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Well,..I have to say that you are right, is written in the Bible or the "Magic Book" as you call it....there must be a reason don't you think?,.. Moses,.. or whoever wrote the Old testament could not have sucked it out of his thumb..or did he write it via inspiration from the Creator himself. It is written that there is no new thing that man can achieve ( includung Nuclear Knowledge)... you can be sure that it has all happened the Vast Ages Of Time that were before us....where are we going to fit that in? In the beginning..God created the Heavens and the Earth...."Period...the fact that there was a vast space of time there,.. could not be figured out by man himself.... it "had" to be given or revealed to man by God. who is the man that can say it never happened? are we not an advanced civilization now, on a round planet in the middle of nowhere...or am i wrong?......If I am right ...then as intelegent people we need to ask ourselves the questions, why am I here? and how did I get here? how did I get my present identity? and how did we get the knowledge to split the Atom and completely destroy the human race....we have it now and they had it back then in the Antedeluvian world that was destroyed, many times has it happened? The human race is suffering from amnesia,...for some reason people cannot believe that God has created more than once here on this planet,... we have the fossil remains of Dinosaurs ..where God brooded over the Earth ..way back then and brought a specific "life cycle' of animals into existence, many times did it happen?..and how many billions of years ago was it?. Are we the first to land on the moon?...and were there people on Mars before... it's in the mind of man now...don't you think it was in the mind of man before?...(think about it) you don't have to be a literary giant or a mathematical genius now that it has been brought to our attention.....Creation "demands" a Creator,...who else could reveal to GH Pember (and a few others) that there were Ages of time between genesis 1 and genesis 2 but God .....God brought it to mans attention. The problem with the human race is that his mind is "locked" in the present system of the world and therefore completely blinded from his Creator...and the only way he can justify his intelectual Godlessnes is to believe that he evolved from some animal that once swung from tree to tree somewhere...untill he eventially destroyes himself with his own technology,......Michael A Wilson.
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With Pember's skillful methods of reading between biblical lines now revealed I can finally substantiate my long held believe that god physically consummates his love with us while we sleep at night and that mosus was a dinosaur. Thank you for revealing a true genius to the world once more.
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that was quite an article to read...(whoever you are) you must have a "cast iron" heart and destined to live forever,...and seeing that you are supernaturally vindicated to have the correct understanding ,...that Pember was a "Crank' or a religeous "Crack pod",..and his revelation of the ages of time between Genisis 1 and genesis 2 are wrong. you tell me then....are we the only civilization that has been on this "Ancient" planet? far as most Bible believers know, there are only 2 civilizations that have been brought to mans attention,...the present civilization.. and the one destroyed in the antedeuvian destruction,..this is not true,,, and the reason I say it's not true is because it is clearly written in the Bible that there have been many ages of Human civilizations on this planet,...all you need to do is turn to the book of Ecclesiastes chapter from verse 8 to verse 11....the Amplified Bible brings it out very well........So Pember was 100% correct