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Is this book dire or dazzling? Read my review and get the inside dope

Eternally Yours Faithfully

Roy Radford, Evelyn Gregory
Capall Bann Publishing
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Eternally Yours FaithfullyThis charming little item is, like The Animals and Birds Redeemed from Death, an attempt to persuade the reader of the reality of an afterlife for members of the animal kingdom, in this case specifically pets.

Our former pussies and pooches, it claims, return to earth in spirit guise to watch over us and provide guidance in our daily lives. Somehow in death these creatures acquire wisdom and insight not granted to them in their physical existence, when it would have been much more useful. (A woman I once overheard plaintively asking her dog to "hurry up, you know the plumber's coming this morning" might have received a more helpful response, for a start.)

To support their heartwarming thesis, the authors quote the personal testimony of many correspondents, though - since some of them appear to be lacking their full quota of marbles - the result is hardly convincing. My favourite example is this progressively strange offering from someone identified only as "A C P" regarding her dog, Sadie:

When she reached 12 years old, she was ready to return to Spirit. I have worked for Spirit as a medium and healer for over 40 years, so I have had many wonderful experiences, and so there is so much to learn about animals. They all have a counterpart, just as all life on earth has a counterpart. I got told by my teachers that if I took care of Sadie and she progressed sufficiently, in her next life she would be ready for human form.

When Sadie passed, Spirit informed me that she would be used in America with the police dogs helping to sniff out the drugs etc. A handler would bring her to me from time to time which made us both so happy.

After 6 years she was brought to England to work and after being in Spirit for 10 years she was then being prepared for the human form, 2 years ago she was born into China as a female. Perhaps when I return to Spirit I shall be able to see her, my family all loved her so much.

This house here that I live in is a power house. I know so many public figures who are brought here to regenerate before moving on to their rightful place, there are always Spirit animals running up and down my stairs. A crocodile is often brought here to find out the overloaded spots of power in this room. I have also seen a huge Spirit tarantula walking up the side of my son's face to find the communicating lines which are as fine as a spider's web. So much that I can tell you I have been hugged by monkeys and stroked their silken coat, touched a huge snake to overcome my fear.

All sorts of animals have been in this house brought by the teachers as a protection on their journey. If only everyone would know of this truth there would be less cruelty towards all animals and they would be loved and helped on their way to progression.

"A crocodile is often brought here to find out the overloaded spots of power in this room."? You won't find a sentence like that in your latest Dan Brown or Marcel Proust blockbuster, will you?

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Submitted by Mary C. (not verified) on 13 Feb 2011 - 22:12 Permalink

Animals do have an afterlife. They have souls, too! I used to see cat spirits all the time, not so much anymore. Our cat Rascal came to visit my husband and I after he died. We felt him jump on the bed and walk between us while we were lying on the bed talking.
Submitted by Chris (not verified) on 11 Jan 2010 - 09:00 Permalink

Dan Brown would be a lot more enjoyable if we did see sentences like that. But I'll pass on the giant tarantulas.
Submitted by lovelee (not verified) on 11 Jan 2010 - 01:51 Permalink

snakes on an (astral) plane thank you so very much for this wonderful (wonderland?) book having misplaced Carroll's Crocodile in Sylvie & Bruno, i send you his surreal verse as a token of my esteem: 1614: "He thought he saw a Crocodile 1615: That questioned him in Greek: 1616: He looked again, and found it was 1617: The Middle of Next Week. 1618: 'The one thing I regret,' he said, 1619: 'Is that it cannot speak!"