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World's Greatest Conspiracy Volume 1

Dr. Roy Foster
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World's Greatest Conspiracy Volume 1, by Dr Roy Foster

Conspiracies. They are everywhere, you know. Equally ubiquitous it would seem are books exposing their dastardly existence. How any self-respecting conspirator expects to get away with it, when there are so many keen observers of their activities, it is hard to explain. Unless of course it is all a conspiracy to distract us from the real truth...

Most of these books are not very interesting. They all copy from one another with minor variations and harp on about the same things: JFK's assassination, the Illuminati, UFOs, blah blah, yeah yeah. What the jaded reader yearns for are conspiracy books with a difference, ones that start at a point just beyond eccentric and keep going. Ones like The Leftist ESP Conspiracy for example, or The Great Exposé #1. Or this one: the World's Greatest Conspiracy, Volume 1.

Strictly speaking, this is not really a conspiracy book as such. It belongs to a sub-genre of which it may well be the sole example: the combined conspiracy and self-help book. The world “is inundated by conspiracies... you just cannot see them!” as the cover tells us, but by following Doctor Foster's remedy against them you can “cure any addictions”, “cure any illness”, “truly be successful” and “always be happy”.

The conspiracies ranged against us include governments, banks, the legal system, education, medicine, AIDS, the stock market, medias [sic], religion, the entertainment industry, gun controls and drugs - the “WGC's”. In fact, everything that Foster does not like about the world - from a paranoid right-wing perspective - is evidence of conspiracy, although he fails to specify exactly who is behind it. A vast shadowy, liberal-thinking mass with many tentacles is somehow to blame for evils such as the loss of the gold standard, the transmission of AIDS through blood transfusions, and public nudity.

As a result of the conspiracy, Foster believes that the mass of humanity is in a state of brainwashing crossed with demonic possession which he calls AI, for Alien Identity. In some way words are to blame, too:

Every conspiracy (WGC) needs a way of communicating its evil. Just the nature of the conspiracy (WGC) requires some corrupt vehicle to transfer its power into action. “Words” are the communicating factors, which have developed (devil-oped) over generations and thousands of years as languages. The “words” that we use every day in our thinking process are the most powerful medium, which decide the human mind's attitude, and perception of ideas. This is what makes us act in such a manner, unnatural for 99% of us. The rational mind can use the “word” either the lie or see the truth as it really is... hopefully the absolute truth (APT). Recognizing the corrupting “words” that have caused ego growth and that have given power to the AI (alien identity), will change your life and the world around you.

(Note how every conspiracy is somehow a World's Greatest Conspiracy, rather like those compilation record albums each of which claims to be the “Greatest ... Ever”. Foster is evidently suffering from inflation of superlatives.)

The pernicious effects of words (or should I say “words”?) can be overcome by adopting Foster's habit of using initials instead. So rather than saying: “I dislike doing my homework.” you must say: “I DS doing my homework.” thus removing the harmful “feelings” which cause all the problems, while at the same time “having FUN”.

Love must be expressed carefully, too:

If you find yourself saying: “I love you.”

Stop and say: “I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say I love you. What I really want to do is show you that I want to be a loving person.”

Since he also states that “true love cannot play any part of the sex act”, I doubt the Dr Roy Foster Guide to Marital Bliss would be a bestseller.

To assist the reader in following his course he includes a series of flash cards, each with a slogan printed on it. Below are a few of them. You might pin these up around your office or turn them into bumper stickers, if you wanted to advertise the fact that you are a looney.


This is supposed to be the first of a series of five volumes. I haven't seen the others but if they exist I am sure they are all equally deranged. Dr Foster has a delightful web site which is also worthy of your attention.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 01 Nov 2012 - 01:34 Permalink

Evil Government: FDR during WWII 1942 could have bombed the death camps and rail road tracks leading to them...Auschwitz for one example. This is taken from the confessions of Senator George McGovern before his death. Horrific to know that our American government could have saved millions of lives and many Jews between 1942 and 1944. Yes, It Is All About Evil by Dr Roy Foster, read the series of books see Google and Author

McGovern: Auschwitz should have been target

From Lisa Katz, former Guide

George McGovern, a former U.S. senator and the 1972 Democratic nominee for president, said he could have bombed the Auschwitz concentration camp when he was an Air Force pilot during World War II.

60 years after Auschwitz was liberated, McGovern met with interviewers from Israel Television and the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies. He recalled his days as the pilot of a B-24 Liberator in the 455th Bomb Group, targeting German synthetic oil plants -- many of them within a few miles of the Auschwitz gas chambers.

According to McGovern, the Franklin Roosevelt administration made a “strategic mistake” when it chose not to order bombing raids on the camp’s gas chambers. “There is no question we should have attempted” to “go after Auschwitz. There was a pretty good chance we could have blasted those rail lines off the face of the earth, which would have interrupted the flow of people to those death chambers, and we had a pretty good chance of knocking out those gas ovens,” he said.

After the Allies gained control of the Foggia Air Base in Italy in December 1943, Auschwitz was within striking distance of Allied planes for the first time.

In June 1944, two Auschwitz escapees provided U.S. diplomats and Jewish leaders in Switzerland a detailed report about Auschwitz. It included descriptions of the mass-murder facilities and diagrams locating the gas chambers and crematoria.

Following this report, Jewish organizations repeatedly asked the Roosevelt administration to order the bombing of Auschwitz and the railroad lines leading to the camp.

The War Department rejected the bombing requests. They stated such raids would be "impracticable" and require "considerable diversion" of planes needed for the war effort.

U.S. government officials claimed to have conducted a study that found that bombing Auschwitz was not militarily feasible, but no evidence of a study has ever been found.

Other "diversions" of military resources for non-military reasons were made during the war, further incriminating the U.S. government's refusal to bomb Auschwitz. Secretary of War Henry Stimson blocked the plan to bomb the Japanese city of Kyoto because of its artistic treasures. Stimson's deputy John McCloy, who dismissed many requests to bomb Auschwitz, blocked plans to bomb the German city of Rothenburg because of its famous medieval architecture. And General George Patton diverted U.S. troops to rescue 150 Lipizzaner horses in Austria.

The administration's "diversion" argument was just "a rationalization," according to McGovern. He and other U.S bomber-pilots already were flying over the area, so bombing Auschwitz would not have been much of a diversion at all.

In the summer and fall of 1944, the Allies repeatedly bombed the oil refineries near Auschwitz. On December 26, 1944, for instance, McGovern's squadron dropped 50 tons of bombs on oil facilities that were located less than five miles from the Auschwitz ovens. At this site 1.6 million people were murdered from 1942 to 1944, and at this time hundreds of Jews were being murdered every day.

McGovern is certain the U.S. made a mistake in refusing to bomb Auschwitz. Even if there was a danger of accidentally harming some of the prisoners, "it was certainly worth the effort, despite all the risks," he noted, because the prisoners were already "doomed to death." An Allied bombing attack might have slowed the mass-murder process and saved many more lives.

"Franklin Roosevelt was a great man, and he was my political hero," McGovern said. "But I think he made two great mistakes in World War II." One was the internment of Japanese-Americans, and the other was the decision "not to go after Auschwitz. … God forgive us for that tragic miscalculation."

McGovern believes the Auschwitz experience should produce a determination that "we must never again permit genocide." The Holocaust should teach us to condemn both the savagery of the Nazis as well as the role of bystanders who didn't do enough to stop it. McGovern's comments appear in a new film, “They Looked Away.”

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 30 Sep 2012 - 00:57 Permalink

Madness going around the world today. Jihad madness, WH madness, Federal Reserve madness printing of money madness, dictatorship madness, all from feeling life and temptations. Even the Internet is madness and how about all the stupid tech. toys, iphones.
Madness is created by an emotional level involving confusion and conflicts, particularly a lot of guilt. You must learn to see that just becoming closer with our Creator, God, and asking for forgiveness for sins is only one way to relieve one's temptations and madness. Evil surrounds us every day and we are emotionally involved in it. Born into sin.
The temptations begin in early childhood as sinning starts from the many emotional behavior patterns. We sin as we separate ourselves from God in the moment. We do not sin when we stay in the presence of God, a form of meditation though praying, a calming state, is the use of words which does separate one from God. It should be stillness, serenity and a bliss. Therefore we constantly sin and the only way to reverse the sinning process of many years is to cut off the emotional level and the feeling of life, particularly anger (a state of judgement) which only God can do. Our basic spiritual demeanor must eliminate ego feelings, feelings of self-esteem and other separations from conscience, and only then will the demeanor slowly reverse its course from so many past years of evil imprints and sin.
Basically madness is permitting anger, resentment and jealousy to take over the rational mind. Temptation covers one's need to get a feeling out of life. The intellectual mind is different from the rational mind where the intellectual mind fails into sin as it accumulates more ego and where the rational mind can differentiate between good and evil. The psychotic mind, the mind full of madness, a dysfunctional handicap is usually at such a low level of awareness, an unconsciousness that it can never retrieve its original innocence or even get close to it.
Therefore the "turning point" of temptation reduction or minimizing it is very difficult to reach and the association with God is phony and hypocritical. One cannot use a Will to be born again it must arrive intuitively as Adam had his single relationship once originally before evil showed up through temptation, seen in Caan and Abel, not forgetting Eve. His relationships then became evil. If the Muslim religion provides feelings, it is evil and I believe that it does. Therefore we see the madness in the Jihad movement and the attachment that Obama has to the latter and his desire to live in lies and deceit. The feelings he has all day remind him of his original temptations which need to be satisfied and answered. The key is feeling life, therefore so many religions are created to provide those feelings.
Christianity should not provide feelings for God or Jesus. The Muslim religion is a feeling provider and very judgmental. If it brings on a hate for Jews and Christianity it is evil. Evil is unable to see evil therefore sustains itself. This produces the base for evil dictators and serial killers.
A book can be written on the subject of madness and temptation. Read this odd book written in 1992 or its newer editions 2008, Its All About Evil by Dr Roy Foster, and learn the facts of life.
Spread the word.

Submitted by Ed (not verified) on 27 Sep 2012 - 09:11 Permalink

I like that he echoes Burroughs whole "words are a virus" thing. More gross-out violence and messed-up sex would be appreciated, though.

Submitted by Ed (not verified) on 27 Sep 2012 - 08:49 Permalink

For paranoid conspiracy nuttiness, you just can't beat Francis E. Dec. I mean, c'mon. A "Worldwide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God" that lives on the dark side of the moon that artificially ages the world's people by performing plastic surgery on them while they're asleep? An ancient high tech Polish civilization suppressed by Jewish bankers? That's some good shit.

Submitted by ray (not verified) on 30 Apr 2015 - 08:36 Permalink

That's the ultimate. No wonder our kids are rioting today in Baltimore after Grey most likely killed himself in the police van.
See how the bio-mechanism of evil works...ItsAllAboutEvil,com

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 25 Sep 2012 - 02:20 Permalink

Madness is confused anger. One can be angry because of being cheated. lied to, beaten or emotionally hurt but when confused there is a madness. Now we see a Nobel Prize winner, Obama, feeding into the madness of the Jihad worldwide, only to make excuses for his failure as a president of the U.S. He is using (September 2012) every means he can to confuse the moronic electorate of America to stop the GOP and Mitt Romney. Yes, it is all about evil, and those who are at a higher awareness can observe the evil that is dominating the world and America. The Federal Reserve creates all of the bubbles which burst, the many Ponzi Schemes where the underlying reason for all of this is suicidal. Hopefully a new president will reverse its course and shut down the Federal Reserve, money printers and debt creators.

Submitted by ray (not verified) on 30 Apr 2015 - 08:34 Permalink

too bad that Obama made it for two more years...evil must win under all costs as it has for 8000 years already and even JC couldn't stop his horibble killing on the cross. Now Obama is the law...a dictator and proven liar.
Go to ItsAllAboutEvil by Dr Roy Foster... 3 Volumes available.

Submitted by Roy Foster (not verified) on 22 Sep 2012 - 22:02 Permalink

The following demonstrates the lowest form of evil that could and did exist in Nazi Germany:

Women's Sexuality in WWII Concentration Camps:
... Tool for Survival ... Tool for Oppresion.
An Oral History Project for UC Berkeley's English 1B, Section 7
By Johanna Micaela Jacobsen

Through the combined voices of those survivors who experienced the modern cataclysm we have labeled the Holocaust, entry into a world otherwise only attainable through history books becomes possible. Whereas history presents facts, personal narrative has the potential of vividly illustrating emotions. Here, the voices of Lucille E.[1 ], Micheline Maurel[2 ], and other survivors of concentration camps such as Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and Ravensbrueck, will intertwine with the matrix of history, to present a picture of the Holocaust painted by female survivors. This paper will focus on aspects of women's sexual nature in concentration camps, looking at how the camps drew out what I have labeled "the dual nature of 'femaleness'" in WWII-ridden Europe. Used as tools for oppression on the part of the SS men and as tools for survival on the part of the women, feminine identity served a dual purpose. This paper will look at both aspects of the situation, first discussing the use of female sexuality as a tool for degradation by looking at hair-shearing, menstruation, rape, brothels, pregnancies, and force-sterilizations. All of these facets targeted feminine identity in a way that spoke of denigration, pain and humiliation. Secondly, this paper will discuss femininity used as a means of survival in the camps, in light of both the constant, desperate effort to keep up appearances, and the self-imposed prostitution.

Pertinent because many of the women whose narratives speak out in this paper survived these camps, a brief discussion of Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and Ravensbrueck follows. Concentration camps, set up by the Nazi regime as part of the "Final Solution" w hich called for the extermination of the Jews in Germany, systematically tortured and killed not only Jews but political prisoners, homosexuals and other "undesirables" by means such as gassing, execution style killing, and medical experiments.[3 ] Perhaps the most notorious of the concentration camps, Auschwitz claimed the lives of over two million Jews from all over Europe during the course of WWII.[4] Bergen-Belsen, a work and transfer camp for those Jews who had relatives in Palestine, did not fit the mold of most concentration camps, as death came not from gassing or mass executions, but rather from starvation, malnutrition and the rampant diseases that hit the camp in t he final stages of the war.[ 5] Ravensbrueck was the largest concentration camp for women in all of the German Reich, in which over 100,000 women from over 20 countries were imprisoned, and where 5-6,000 women died in the gas chambers.[6]

Upon arrival in most of the camps, women selected for work-detail instead of immediate gassing were led into a room where they underwent a systematic procedure of shearing and hair-cutting.[7] Informed th at this served as a means of preventing lice, the prisoners were shorn by both male and female Kapo's and SS alike; [8 ] although lice as a reason seem plausible, shearing also served as a means of degrading and humiliation the women. Using a rusty razor blade, the Kapo's or the SS did their work quickly, shaving pubic hair as well.[9 ] Considerations to feelings of shame and humiliation were ignored: Micheline Maurel, a French priso ner who survived Ravensbrueck recalls: "...undress[ing] hastily (one's clothes were torn piece for piece off of the body), [and getting] onto a table where one was held down by another women, while another inspected all the natural bodily openings. An outright humiliation."[10 ]

For many women, this hair-shearing process remains in memory perhaps the single most terrifying and humiliating event that happened in the camps. In many ways, shearing took away an external characteristic used not only to establish femininity, but as a method to reaffirm one's feminine sexuality. Relating hair to femininity, an anonymous woman from Ravensbrueck remembers: ""I did not want to loose my hair. That is the worst thing that can happen to a woman."[11] The shame of not having hair, coupled with the pain of parading around naked and bald, was used as a tool by the Nazi's to bend and break the women's spirit and to infuse fear into the group. This is evident in a recollection of Lucille E., a survivor of both Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen: "You saw those bowling balls with protruding ears and those frightened eyes and it was like something out of a nightmare."[12] Naturally, these acute feeling of shame inc reased dramatically in the presence of SS men, who taunted and leered at the women.[13] Survivors recall that "...the sexually charged looks and the lewd jokes were so denigrating..."[14] The best way to summarize the feelings and emotions resultant from the process, though, is through a quote from an anonymous survivor of Ravensbrueck:

Nobody should see ... how a woman can look exposed of that which marks her as and makes her a woman. That was a so terrible moment.... It was as if one had taken off our skin, as if nothing of our personality was left. We weren't any longer the girls Helga or Olga or Maria or whomever....[15]

Due to both the physical and psychological shocks received from entering the camp, including the shearing-ordeal, most women did not menstruate.[16] Frequently interpreted as a mechanism of self-protecti on, as even the most primitive feminine hygiene articles were not obtainable, women associated not menstruating with great amounts of stress.[17]As an unidentified survivor of Ravensbrueck stated. "It hurts, not to have t hese monthly days, one doesn't feel like a woman anymore, one already belongs to the old ones!"[18] The notion of not being a real woman anymore, coupled with the word "hurts", indicates precisely the pain and worries caused by the situation. However, the very few women that did menstruate would bleed freely, the blood "[ning] down their legs like animals."[19] Yet, despite this uncomfortable situation, those bleeding on a monthly basis counted themselves as lucky because it assured them of their continued fertility. However, despite the relief granted from this knowledge, those that did bleed were put down for their uncleanliness: the Nazi's believed that Jewish women could not keep themselves clean, and thus consequently made them the butt of many lewd jokes.[20] Not infrequently, female survivors recount that menstruation was a factor that caused them not only psychological suffering, but a lot of physical pain as well; as an anonymous survivor remembers: "In order to retain the cleanliness of [the block], the Kapo's beat the women [who menstruated], and force[d] them to clean their traces. Yet another denigration, another misery."[21] In other words, the fact that some women menstruated was used by the Nazi's as a way of putting down the women to a level of animals. Thus, one cannot easily state whether menstruation in the camps was positive or negative: women suffered if they did menstruate through the verbal and physical abuses by the Nazi's relating to their "uncleanliness," and suffered if they did not by the self-imposed psychological fear brought about by being in the camps of not being a true female.

Rape, too, prevailed in the lives of many women. Sexual abuse, another means by which the Nazi's attempted to degrade women, was especially brutal, as it often had the effect of shaming a woman to a point where her identity became unrecognizable. [22] The women that returned after the rapes, described by Ruth Elias from Auschwitz as "pitiful creatures," came back "in an awful, undescribable state."[23] This abuse had the effect of breaking the spirit of the women: their bodies no longer their own, the women had no control over their lives. Ruth Elias remembers several instances in which "...the SS men appear[ed] in ... [the] block", and "without shame, ... pull[ed] the girls out of their beds, Jewish girls they took ... to rape ...."[24] The SS men justified these rapes by saying that raping Jewish women did not violate the taboo of marrying them, and therefore was an acceptable action.[25] This argument, not only weak but useless, illustrates arguments used by the Nazi's to push their will onto others.

Some camps, including Auschwitz and Ravensbrueck, had organized brothels set up mostly for the perusal of the SS, but occasionally for select prisoners as well.[26] Literally hundreds of female prisoners forced t o work there became victims of what I think can aptly be called "organized rape." Interestingly enough, brothels originally were set up by the SS as a means of prohibiting and stopping the spread of male homosexuality within the camps.[27] However, sexually abusing women can also be seen as a means of control: Usually unwillingly, the women had to give up their bodies and their rights to them, and frequently suffered from humiliation and shame.[28] Mostly Germans, but also some Polish, Hungarian and Czechoslovakian women were chosen for the brothels on the basis of their physical appearance, in a selection process not dissimilar to selections for transports in the main camps. Erika Buchman, a political prisoner from Ravensbrueck recalls that the "...medium good ware would be sent to the concentration camps, the better to the Wehrmacht, and the prettiest and strongest girls into the homes for the officers and the SS."[29] The "ware", females ranging from their mid-teens to early thirties, would frequently be "tried out" in what can only be called gang rape: a political prisoner from Ravensbrueck recalls from personal experience that "...the women and girls, after having been inspected for physical appearance, would be taken into an operating room and 'tried out.'"[ 30]

Although humiliating enough, once the brothel selection process had taken place, the women's daily routine caused further heartache and misery. The women had most of the daytime off; however, the evenings consisted of "working" for two hours, in whic h they had to serve up to and sometimes exceeding eight men.[31] Made visible in the eventual outcome of the life of one brothel survivor, the pain and agony inflicted onto the women becomes increasingly clear. Margarethe W., a survivor of Ravensbrueck who served in it's brothel during the war, attempted suicide during her internment in the camp by slitting her wrists. She recalls: "I did not - unfortunately - manage to carry [the suicide] out."[32] The word "unfortunate" indicates just precisely how strong the feelings of despair were: even death was preferable over a continued existence in the brothel. Physically ill throughout the rest of her life, Margarethe also suffered from frequent epileptic attacks.[33] Thus brothels instituted by the male SS, even by high-ranking commanders such as Himmler, inflicted immediate as well as long term pain and suffering upon women. Though not necessarily planned, brothels still served as means for making the women prostituting their bodies feel like nothing.

Not infrequently, pregnancies resulted from some of the aforementioned rapes and even from some of the sexual intercourse that occurred in the brothels.[34] Although the distribution of "anti-baby" shots to prevent pregnancies was implemented in the brothels, some women nonetheless found themselves with child; however, minimally few pregnancies were carried to term.[35] Not all pregnancies, however, came from within the camps; some pregnancies were brought in from pre-camp, pre-war encounters. Lucille E. remembers an instance in which a woman from Bergen-Belsen gave birth to "...maybe a half pound, a pound, large infant."[36] The woman had recounted that "...she didn't even know she was pregnant."[37] Pregnancies, though not directly denigrating, nonetheless had the effect of victimizing the women further, inasmuch as they had no control over the happenings over their own bodies. Nazi's decided whether or not the fetus would be aborted, whether the mother could keep the child, and even whether the woman herself would live.[38] In other words, pregnancies in the camps instilled a realistic fear in the women of not surviving; in that way, the SS managed to grip onto a feminine sexual trait, and used it to increase the pain and fear present amongst the women.

Force sterilizations, feared by many women, constitute a further hit on femaleness. Especially prevalent in death camps such as Auschwitz, two types of sterilizations as means to wipe of the birth-giving ability in Jewish females took place.[39] One method consisted of mixing highly toxic chemicals such as sodium into the already unfit food, causing excruciating pain, internal hemorrhaging, itching, the formation of holes in the mouth cavity, as well as the desired result of the permanent stop of menstruation.[40] Janny Brandes-Brilleslijper, a woman who survived Auschwitz-Birkenau, recalls that "...during the whole time in the camp, we feared that we were getting "something" [mixed] in the food...."[41] The fear concerning this issue drove many over the edge, prompting many women to refuse the life-giving food.[42] This paradox is a great one: women wanted to survive, but also wanted to retain the ability to bear children By refusing to eat, their fertility was assured; their life, however, threatened by starvation, was not. Even after liberation, the fear of fertility continued to haunt many women, such as this anonymous one: "After the war most of us, however, were very much afraid. I know I was hysterical every time I was pregnant hoping I would have a healthy child...."[43] The "surgical" re moval of the ovaries constituted the second type of force-sterilization found at Auschwitz, and consisted of the "surgical" removal of the ovaries, in which the female reproductive organs were literally burned out by X-rays.[44] This process of destroying a females ability to reproduced caused extreme pain, as recalled by eye-witness Ceijka Stoijka from Ravensbrueck: "...screaming with pain, the ovaries burnt through the x-ray, the twelve and thirteen year olds threw themselves onto the streets...."[45] Sterilization constitutes as another big attack on femaleness by the SS, because it literally stamped out that property unique to women: the ability to bear children.

However, even though femininity and the female identity gave the Nazis an extra tool for humiliating and degrading, it gave the women themselves an extra method for survival. This may sound paradoxical or controversial; upon closer examination, however, one can see that women indeed, in certain situations, pushed and flaunted their feminine sexuality in order to survive.

Not infrequently, the selection processes that picked women to send to a different camps or to the gas chambers chose women on the basis of their physical appearance. More specifically, women were chosen on the basis of whether or not they still had breasts.[46] As another anonymous survivor reports: "You know, the most important thing here is that your breasts remain firm. My breasts have saved me more than once.... When the Germans look at you, they first glance at your breasts...because as long as your breasts are still good, a person still counts as a work animal."[47] Although impossible to say that women would or even could care for their breasts especially, attention was nonetheless paid to the physical shape of the body. Thus, femininity and retaining as much of a stereotypical female body as possible could serve to save.

Not only was the retention of as much of a feminine body as possible important, but doing anything within reach to look "good" on the outside proved equally crucial. Personal hygiene and care became an important survival strategy, as small wounds, sickness, or even grey hair frequently led to selection and death.[48] Aware of this, it was not infrequent that women risked their lives for some articles of clothing which, in their minds, would help them survive at least one more day.[49] Specifically I bear in mind the story of Lucille E., who risked her life in order to obtain a "...long, dirty garment in rust-red and olive-green shades...." [50] Although initially not sure why, she recalls standing "...for a few seconds as if hypnotized.... [,] obsessed by the desire to cover [her] shorn head."[51] Realizing that being caught could result in death, Lucille nonetheless retrieved the scarf: necessity to hide her shame overwhelmed even the fear of death.

Prostitution was yet another way that a woman could, on the basis of her sex and gender, promote her survival. A way to get extra food for oneself, one's child, one's husband, and one's friends, prostitution perhaps enabled the survival for one extra day. Survivors, though occasionally skeptical, do not blame the females that "...gave themselves away for a little bread and butter."[52] As Renata Laqueur, an exchange prisoner in Bergen-Belsen states:

I don't think we can judge the women and girls too harshly because they gave themselves to the Kapos.... It was their will to survive, and often also the wish to save their husband and children, that made them take that path. [53]

Although seemingly paradoxical, femininity and female sexuality in Auschwitz, Ravensbrueck and Bergen-Belsen and in many other concentration camps throughout Europe were not only used by the SS as a means of controlling and humiliating female prisoners, but also by the women themselves as a tool for survival. The SS used aspects such as women's hair, their menstruation, rape and prostitution as a way to control, degrade and humiliate the female prisoners. However, by clinging onto the tattered rests of femininity that remained to them, some of which overlapped with the aspects the SS used to control them, many women survived.

Submitted by Roy Foster (not verified) on 22 Sep 2012 - 20:56 Permalink

9/11/12 validated everything about madness...the Islamic rage is madness, and proves that there is something wrong with it. Anger is madness. Getting a feeling out if it is madness. Evil is madness the opposing element being peace and serenity. Adam, first spiritual man, was at peace until he turned against his Creator. Sexual feelings and relationships with the female manifest evil and that is why you see sexual images on TV. Go to Fox Cable Channel Fox and Friends First, 5 AM EST, and see the images that expose themselves, females, to attract the viewers regardless of the news. Their gorgeous bodies, which feed the element of evil within all of us. This is the way the society grabs the alien identity within and empowers evil. Actually sexual feelings are the basis of all self-destructive concepts and is the bottomline of everything that must eventually go wrong. Everything becomes orgasmic like eating food, killing someone and suicide. The way Adam changed from God to demonic orders explains what you see in all the world's madness, Obama's madness, and backward thinking explain in the books "Its All About Evil" by Dr Roy Foster. Yes there is a bio-mechanism for evil and feelings.

Submitted by Society of Lib… (not verified) on 17 Dec 2011 - 06:43 Permalink

One more thing- I have known people with mental 'problems' before; I've worked in a group home with some people who lived with some difficult things; still people in spite of- or maybe moreso- their dilemas. I ended up caring for some of them. This society with its normalcy is probably the biggest mental abberration imaginable. You want to say that it is anything approaching a normal healthy thing? Maybe it takes a more nuanced person to understand things beyond the bandwagon mentality. I am guilty of not being the individual I really want to be either. Lack of fortitude versus risk of ostracism, censorship, imprisonment, or death. This society is a no-win. You may mock all you want, but do you really think there have been no chess pieces moved across the board all these years-- by those who do have fortitude, power, lack of scruples, obscene discipline, and unbounded ambitions? Please- wake up then! No, there have never been ANY grand conspiracies on this earth ever. NEVER. Just impossible... as God to the atheist, and A theist is to a dog.
Submitted by ray (not verified) on 30 Apr 2015 - 08:29 Permalink

WGC covers the only one important conspiracy that is in all humans... Satan and man's ego without any doubt and is the reason evil must win...egomania wins.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 14 Apr 2012 - 20:41 Permalink

Everyone has mental problems from the childhood parental misguidance. It comes from guilt and anger and the feelings carried forth. The grand conspiracies as written in this Odd books and the series further on are basically man;s ego, playing God, and the devil and this is in everyone of us without any doubt...from whcih comes wars, murder, serial killers, lies, devceit, underming America, the Federal Reserve and George Soros.
Submitted by FrancoisTremblay (not verified) on 25 Dec 2011 - 09:04 Permalink

Disproving your theory, I am an atheist, and I do believe in conspiracies. I just happen to not believe in conspiracies expounded by people who are COMPLETELY FUCKING INSANE.
Submitted by Roy Foster (not verified) on 05 Nov 2013 - 08:57 Permalink

Everyone is born into evil and then parental misguidance, which then leads to serial killers. That is what we call insanity. If one never reaches a turning point, a falling, a failing, pain and suffering then life leads to early illnesses and early death.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 14 Apr 2012 - 20:48 Permalink

One cannot be an athiest because doubting a higher power creates fear, uncertainty and lack of faith. You see one must believe in forgiveness to leave it to God to take care of evil. This forgiveness takes you away from the continuous reoccuring pain from those who are evil. You cannot kill that person who harmed you, if you do it remains as a painful experience forwever without forgiveness and letting a higher power take care of this matter. You see, the predator has to live with his conscience which we are allborn with. The more traumatized a human entity is the further away from conscious he becomes and more likely he is athiestic. An understanding of this always brings one to there being a higher power for salvation purposes. To be sorry, to be forgiving and truly loving where love is giving and not taking...liberal socialism is taking.
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Evil is madness and insanity in evil. God created man to be living through intuitiveness and common sense thought process. Not to be scientists and iphone operators. The latter is where the intellectual mind has become mad. When one stays away from education and learns through experience there is no madness. Look how crazy attorneys are, CPAs are, engineers are, politicians are, and authority becomes.
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No, there are not many individuals in this world, Alfred-- liberal or conservative. No matter whether you or I say things that seem trite or childish, to either of us-- this wreck may REALLY be going down! So, if it's a conspiracy or not- do you give a damn beyond mocking things? You're right- why would I have bothered to take you seriously either? Your setup here would be better if you just presented the odd literature without the juvenile, fanboyish, superior attitude to complement it. Really.
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The conspiracy WGC greatest is in every human entity. Evil plays the game with ego, God's substitute. Through ego humans feel life where with God and absolute there is bliss and higher consciousness. They do not believe that they are alive unless they feel life like a serial killer and Hitler. Yes, we are all born into sin and truly there in no free choice it is almost always Satans choice from our transgressions and corruption. Our parents gave us parental misguidance all the way back to Adam and Eve.
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It's nearly impossible to find knowledgeable people in this particular subject, but you seem like you know what you're talking about!

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Thank you for the comment about knowledgeable people...
Go to now new website for WGC book...rewritten. 3 dynamic volumes available, 2 more to follow soon...and a curriculum to educate our young about the absolute of our Creator, God. No nonsense but real truth.

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Thank you for the comment about knowledgeable people...
Go to now new website for WGC book...rewritten. 3 dynamic volumes available, 2 more to follow soon...and a curriculum to educate our young about the absolute of our Creator, God. No nonsense but real truth.

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Thank you for the comment about knowledgeable people...
Go to now new website for WGC book...rewritten. 3 dynamic volumes available, 2 more to follow soon...and a curriculum to educate our young about the absolute of our Creator, God. No nonsense but real truth.

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Thank you for the comment about knowledgeable people...
Go to now new website for WGC book...rewritten. 3 dynamic volumes available, 2 more to follow soon...and a curriculum to educate our young about the absolute of our Creator, God. No nonsense but real truth.

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How about you dont tell someone what would make their site better especially when so many people obviously enjoy it and would mock the books if Alfred didn't. The site isn't about mocking things, or at least to me it's not, it's about promoting rational thinking.
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Say Alfred, terribly sorry to be such an ungrateful guest, but I'm curious: I suppose YOU love the all-knowing, beautiful, and inspiring Ubergovernment that loves US so dearly, UNTIL it wears a conservative mask? Do you know how f-ing stupid this is when it is viewed by someone with a modicum of perspective from the outside? It pretty well DESERVES slavery. We ARE deserving slavery with this thinking. Have your fun, little giggle over the nut-jobs, Alf. Guess nothing is serious to someone like you; our economic melt-down must really just be in the rabbit hole along with poor Alice; just a dream. Best Regards, Herr Aelfryd!
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In socialism and liberalism there is no strength in the people. America's success and strength has been Freedom and Capitalism but the criminal minds got in within the Federal Reserve 1913 as well as Social Security which is a Ponzi scheme and should have been known to be one at start. Evil people like FDR, and Woodrow Wilson in 1913 were evil. Nixon ws evil because he eliminated the gold standard. He did this with the Fed. to print money and inflate the dollar. A way to tax the public unknowingly with higher prices...gasoline $5 a gallon. They are all tytrants and criminals and now we have Barack Hussein Obama following in their footsteps because he basically is getting back at America. Erick Holder and the president are both out of line. These leaders are undermining America and they are themselves suicidal.