The Leftist ESP Conspiracy

Nino M. Volpe
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The Leftist ESP Conspiracy, by Nino Volpe

One of the best books ever written from the inside of a delusional state, Nino Volpe's exposure of the international conspiracy that persecutes him is by turns hilariously funny, bizarre, frightening and sad.

Volpe is an Italian-American, born in 1935, who migrated to Australia in 1971. In 1975 he was sectioned for a murder which he claims he freely confessed to, but did not commit. He has remained in Australian state mental institutions ever since, and because he repeatedly stresses his intention to murder those he thinks are persecuting him, he is unlikely ever to be released.

Volpe has been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, a diagnosis he does not accept because schizophenics hear voices, whereas he is subjected to thoughts projected into his mind, thoughts that come from a sinister left-wing conspiracy:-

The core of [the] conspiracy is composed of a very minute minority of Leftists, all gifted with extraordinary powers of ESP. All the people of this core are evil minded. The vast majority of this core are females. (It is my belief that females are more likely to have the “gift” than males.) All of these females are cowardly, knee-jerk, shrewish, bitchy, and most have love lives which are disasters. This core causes trouble by means of ESP.

Tied in with this core are the more numerous fringe Leftists with little ESP, but who can readily perceive a message in the form of thoughts, and therefore are readily able to communicate with the core of this conspiracy. These fringe Leftists are far more numerous than the core, and persecute and cause other trouble by conventional means.

The immediate objective of the core is to manipulate by means of ESP the thoughts and hopefully the actions of selected individuals, in order to benefit the Leftist cause. They project thoughts favorable to the Leftist cause in the minds of selected individuals, and try to move these selected individuals to the Left of their free will political position. [...] My experience has been that they would like me to marry a Leftist female, be a communist sympathizer, be an anarchist, be immoral, hate my parents (particularly my father), disrespect age, hate God, hate male authority, be a women's liberationist, be a gay liberationist, be effeminate, be poor, etc.

In his book he describes the events of his life and how he gradually became aware of the forces ranged against him, the coven of “Leftist ESP females” reading his mind and projecting their own evil thoughts at him, their intention being to undermine his political will and his love for his heroes Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckley. As evidence for the existence of the conspiracy, he lists a number of strange occurrences, which he is sure are due to telepathic activities by those he terms his “provocateurs”:-

  • The mysterious “ailment” which I called heart flutter and heart-burn which I received at the beginning of the hate campaign just before the 1964 election.
  • The vivid shame which I felt after an ESP manipulated dream of vigorous homosexual behaviour, just before the 1964 election.
  • My oppressive Thanksgiving Day 1964 dinner.
  • The great inhibition of a running workout in Santa Barbara, California 1970.
  • The horrid distortion to the image of William F Buckley, Jr's face on television, election night 1970.
  • The jerks and twitches caused by my current provocateur.
  • The great abdominal pains which I suffered during the Sun City to Surf Race, 1973.
  • The very heavy ESP attack which knocked me to the floor while I was under chlorpromazine at Long Bay Gaol.
  • The severe erections without sexual desire induced by my current provocateur.
  • The night that I awoke to find myself in a different bed than the one I went to sleep in at Gladesville Hospital.
  • The severe ESP attack which knocked me to the floor while urinating in Mosman Hall.
  • The night-long discomfort on Christmas Eve 1987.
  • The uncontrollable teeth chattering I suffered from time to time during the disintegration of the Soviet empire.

Those dastardly lefties cannot be content with burning flags and bruising the knuckles of innocent policemen: they have to go and ruin Thanksgiving and Christmas, too.

In Volpe's view the primary division of humanity is along political lines, rather than by sex, race or religion. Political persuasion rules when it comes to choosing a mate:-

Republican women are a minority. There are more Republican men than Republican women. Therefore some Republican men are going to have to marry non-Republican women in order to satisfy their sex drives.

From here on in, I express my opinions based on my experiences and observations. Republican women before marriage tend to have several suitors rather than one or none. These suitors include, believe it or not, Democrats and “swing voters”. For this reason Republican women tend to get married sooner than they might want to. This tends to leave some Republican men, most “swing voting” men and most Democrat men no choice but to marry a “swing voting” woman or a Democrat woman. So far it appears that there is no problem for American men to eventually satisfy their sex drives in a traditional Judeo Christian manner. So far it appears that some American women will be “left out in the cold”.

As far as I can make out, those women are only “left out in the cold” in the sense they can't get a Republican man: though by Volpe's own argument they aren't actually Republicans themselves. But of course as everyone knows Republicans are innately more desirable.

Volpe himself remains celibate, despite the endeavours of his provocateurs to interest him in various females he meets: most of whom whom turn out to be leftists, thus dashing his hopes. He is aware that he is a non-entity, and so for him to receive such constant attention from telepathic tormentors must seem anomalous; but he claims to be exceptionally “irritating” to them with his unshakable views. In return he is determined to kill them, if he can find them, his reasoning being that by their abuse of him, they forfeit the right to existence. Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live, he quotes in justification.

So, given his determination to avenge himself on his perceived enemies it is probably just as well the man who wrote this glorious, terrible, ludicrous memoir of a personal hell remains locked up - at least for the sake of all the Leftist ESP women of Australia.


'My experience has been that they would like me to ... be a women's liberationist, be a gay liberationist' doesnt sound so bad to me - dude just go with it. if I had ESP I would be so much worse. I would become that little voice in your ear going 'lets find out if the skinhead in front of you is ticklish'
His story reminds me of some of the letters or handbills reproduced by Donna Kossey on her Kooks Museum website; there is a little bit of Francis E. Dec*, but Volpe's tone resembles David Fratus' letter on the remote control electronic brain punishment he endured in a Utah prison in the 1980s, or George Dahl's claim that a New York City blackout in 1982 was stage managed by secret policemen to see what he would do. ______________ * Without the crazy spelling or the racism, but with the belief that secret forces are controlling his bodily functions.

I'm going to look for this, but the obvious question is, how does a man inside of an institution find the means and resources to publish a book?

He is or was quite well-off. I can't remember the exact details but I believe he was quite successful as an electronics engineer, and he may also have inherited some money as well. I guess the Australian system is quite liberal in what it allows inmates to do,

He also published another book two years later called 'Essays for God-Centred Individuals'. Likewise, it's blooming weird.

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