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Breast Feed to Four: It Might Stop War

Previous visitors to this site may already know of "Fasting, Longevity and Immortality" by Charles W. Johnson, Jr., a book in which the author not only sets out his unique theories and philosophy but includes a number of inspiring poems, from which I have taken this example. I don't know whether prolonged breast feeding is a good thing or not, but I feel sure that if this poem is more widely read it will surely increase the sum of human happiness. Note Johnson's provision of an alternative line for the end of the third verse: a less confident poet would balk at such bold experimentalism.

There are "backward" societies

That nurse their young to age of four.

They seem free from anxieties

And know quite well their ancient lore.

They know nothing of birth control

But siblings come five years apart.

Doesn't it really seem quite droll?

These folks on us have quite a big start.

Science could tell us if it tried

That ample nipple stimulation

Stops a mother's cycle in stride.

All for her young ones relation.*

Siblings close spaced fight and compete,

But those well spaced cooperate.

Teleology demands we treat

This matter with importance great.

Mother and child both learn to love

By symbiotic relation

A plan fostered by God above

To limit the population.

This develops love in the young,

With teeth so sharp, they must not bite.

Mother's feelings they must not wrong.

"Respect others," they learn, is right.

Only thus can real love evolve,

Promote psychic health through life,

Without it our world will dissolve.

Look around you and see the strife.

To save our world and set it right,

We should breast feed our young till four.

They thus learn love, and so don't fight,

And that is the end of all war!


long, long after her gestation.