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Cyclomancy: The Secret of Psychic Power Control

Frank Rudolph Young
Parker Publishing Co., West Nyack NY
Edition / Year:
1st. 1966
In the section labelled:

Cyclomancy: The Secret of Psychic Power Control

Power. Deep down, isn't that what we all want? Power over others, power to induce them to do our bidding, power to get what we want when we want it. Even better, psychic power, so one can control people with the mind, without resistance or resentment. (Just what I want for my birthday, in case you were wondering.) That is the promise of this book.

Its author, Frank Rudolph Young, says he is a master of yoga: whatever the truth of that claim it is apparent he is not a master of understatement. The blurb on the rear cover tells us, for example, that this book will demonstrate:

  • ... how you fascinate others with your thoughts, entrance them with your grace of movement, increase your muscle power up to 10 times with your mind alone, arouse intense desire in the opposite sex by your mere presence...

  • Because Cyclomancy is magic you may achieve any result you desire with it...






Personally, if I could “arouse intense desire in the opposite sex by [my] mere presence” I wouldn't worry about my waistline. That aside, Cyclomancy is so impressive in its scope that some might be sceptical about the reality of Young's claims, but he sets all such doubts aside by presenting some impeccable credentials:

Frank Rudolph Young's granduncle was a long-lived Yogi in far-away India. For 40 years, Mr Young's father investigated the secrets of psychic power in the West Indies and in Central and South America. Mr. Young himself spent 30 years investigating the scientific laws behind Cyclomancy. Since 1955 he has taught these findings to thousands of followers throughout the world.

There you are then. Grand-nephew of a “Yogi in far-away India” (India, Tennessee, I'm guessing) and son of a psychic investigator. It must all be true, surely.

Sometimes promises made on the exterior of a book are belied by its content, having been composed by some unscrupulous hack rather than its author. However in this case the tone of wild overstatement is continued throughout, and in fact the content of the book is even more insane than its blurb suggests. The following short extract comes from a chapter titled, wonderfully, How to Use the Astounding Power of Your Brain Horns and Put It Under Psychic Power Control:

Exercise 1. How To Tranquilize Highly Wrought-Up People with Infrared Ray Projections. Vince Laplante has suffered serious blows through poor investments, business reverses or a shocking discovery about the state of his health. The moment you lay eyes on him, use the Psychic Arc to bring twice the amount of heat to your body surface. Think of the juicy steak to warm up your skin, then draw this heat quickly from all over you and pack it into two narrow, short hot rods in your Brain Horns so that they actually burn your eyes a little. Deliver, now, a psychic command rocket behind the hot rods, with the following command, “Vince, you'll win out! Just be a little patient! You'll win out!” (That prevents your conscious mind from analyzing the advice and reasoning whether it is realistic or not. Just forget your logic and let your psychic power command straight to behind the hot rods, carrying with it all its confident power).

I doubt that the idea of thinking about a “juicy steak” in order to warm oneself up is part of conventional Yogic teaching, which is strictly vegetarian, but to be able to send infra red rays from one's eyes would certainly be useful, especially when the TV remote has disappeared down the back of the sofa. (“Just forget your logic”, indeed.) And as proof that Young's weird way with imagery is not confined to confusing references to “hot rods”, here's another even more bizarre example:

Exercise. How to Establish Mutual Rapport Fast Between You and Anyone. You run into Martin on the street, in the office, at a social gathering, in your house, or his, the golf course or anywhere else. Instantly visualize his torso, from head to thighs, as secreting within it a profusion of acetylcholine at every Nerve Gap. Or you can just visualize his torso and at the same time think strongly of a juicy steak or of something else that you relish eating. Maintain that thought or vision clearly for two seconds.

This mental picture will automatically be telepathized into Martin's mind. It will be a picture of a painless torso, for acetylcholine is secreted by your loving nerves, and those are nerves of pleasure, not pain.

Martin's conscious mind will subsequently ignore any pain sensations from his Sensations Recording Center which originated in his torso or which are caused by it reflexly, like a stomach headache. So he feels better immediately and subconsciously associates you with that feeling. He is left eager to meet you or associate with again. You have created mutual rapport between you two ... fast.

To encourage people to fantasise about the torsos of those they meet, bathed in secretions, seems frankly dangerous. I've seen American Beauty, you know. “Mutual rapport” may not be exactly what you create ... fast.

To write like this, one must have a very warped sense of humour, or none. To help you decide, here's some more of Young's strange advice:

If you visit ill and crabby Teddy, improve his frame of mind with the tender touch.

When you go to bed, do the Zembla to retard old age.

When you lie there, win back a vacillating romantic partner, or wife or husband, with the Psychic Antidrom.

Arouse your marital partner incredibly with the Human Lamp.

And, oh yes, “make all these attainments permanent with the Psychic Mold”. (Maybe later, when my Brain Horns are rested. Gosh, I've overdone the Zembla again.)


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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 08 Aug 2008 - 15:18 Permalink

i want to buy this book. and am in Ghana, how can you help me get one of this book. contact me on or +233 207733665
Submitted by superwin (not verified) on 02 Jan 2015 - 08:41 Permalink

i have copy of the book. and most of the books by Frank Young.. if interested to buy,contact me. $10 each.

Submitted by Kathy (not verified) on 09 May 2015 - 21:57 Permalink

Is there a copy of the book still available? I am interested. Please email me.

In reply to by superwin (not verified)

Submitted by Gary (not verified) on 31 Jan 2016 - 09:56 Permalink

I am interested in Frank C Young books, I have Yoga for Men and Cyclomancy. You have some for Sale?

In reply to by superwin (not verified)

Submitted by Bleuw (not verified) on 10 Apr 2016 - 16:42 Permalink

I would like to buy a copy of all Frank Rudolph Young books, especially Cyclomancy !!

In reply to by superwin (not verified)

Submitted by Jack Meadors (not verified) on 13 Nov 2016 - 17:39 Permalink

I am interested in purchasing books by Young. Email me if you ones to sale! Thanks

In reply to by superwin (not verified)

Submitted by Sam (not verified) on 28 Oct 2018 - 11:07 Permalink

Hi, I recently came across this Amazing author.. Frank Rudolph. & I read your post, about having most of his books.

I'm into these kind of book, & spiritual Self evolution.. I think that Frank, was wanting to help many people achieve just that?..

It liked your post, & Yes, I would love to hear from you, & if I my buy some copies from you?. Please reach out to me .

Sam Crosby.. 0770 426 2929.
God bless. Superwin.

In reply to by superwin (not verified)

Submitted by shane cottrell (not verified) on 08 May 2020 - 23:56 Permalink

I would like to buy Cyclomancy by Frank Young.

In reply to by superwin (not verified)

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 21 Sep 2008 - 21:20 Permalink

It seems like you read the book with a narrow-mind to begin with. The author has written great books, and I do not doubt his background. I have seen a picture of him and indeed he does look of Indian-descent.
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 17 Nov 2008 - 03:12 Permalink

So... a book from a publisher in West Nyack, nyack, nyack. I am The Penguin and I am so groovy. I shake my monocle at you for filing this story under "spooky". Frank was a great man. A great man, I say! Taught me many good tricks back in the day. Nyack, nyack, nyack.
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 30 Nov 2008 - 02:52 Permalink

You can find copies on Amazon, Ebay and all over the net. Ebay is the best place to find a cheap copy. It's a Treasure Trove and very powerful. I suggest you be careful as it's complelely real and scientific. When he warns you in the first chapters to develop your powers to a minor degree and still become a superman he's not kidding! A little bit is enough! Other than that have fun! Also highly suggested by the same author are The Laws of Mental Domination and Somo Psychic Power.
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 30 Nov 2008 - 02:53 Permalink

You can find copies on Amazon, Ebay and all over the net. Ebay is the best place to find a cheap copy. It's a Treasure Trove and very powerful. I suggest you be careful as it's complelely real and scientific. When he warns you in the first chapters to develop you powers to a minor degree and still become a superman he's not kidding! A little bit is enough! Other than that have fun! Also highly suggested by the same author are The Laws of Mental Domination and Somo Psychic Power.
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 31 Dec 2008 - 13:09 Permalink

there are real results. there have been weird instances in india. approximately in the 1970s where yogis have been seen with aura's and doing ridiculous acts of strength.
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 13 Jan 2009 - 21:36 Permalink

I know people can use these techniques as I have been a 'victim' of it. In the examples above, it seems they are using the techniques directed at an individual for that individuals highest good and to help them. Which is fine. In my experience, I consider myself a totally rational, logical individual who bases things on scientific evidence. Well, no more. There is a power in the universe and if one uses it for sexual power, like what happened to me, it borders on the occult or black magic. I remember thinking how I always wondered how previously 'normal' women would drive get away cars for bank robbers and do other things they would never do - now I know. My situation never came to that, but when I thought about it and realized that I didn't have total control over my thoughts and actions I investigated it further. People who do it to control others have serious issues and I believe will suffer serious karmic effects for doing things that are not in the best interests of a person. Power over others in my book is occult related. I think it is the total opposite of love and caring. People who have to have control and power are sociopathic and narcissistic.
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 03 Feb 2009 - 16:24 Permalink

'Personally, if I could “arouse intense desire in the opposite sex by [my] mere presence” I wouldn't worry about my waistline.' You worrying about your waistline is precisely why you aren't able to arouse intense desire in the opposite sex by merely being in their presence.
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 20 May 2009 - 19:26 Permalink

EVERYONE: The book works to a degree. It challenges ones state of mind, reality rather. The key behind the whole book is to develop a bond with your body. to find patience within yourself. then you can dominate reality with just the way you are. since ive read it, i can make events work in my favor, play minds games, its changed my life alot. its not for everyone. you litteral have to mentally and physically DRIVE YOURSELF INTO A STATE OF HYSTERIA TO USE THIS BOOK or it WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU. so, anyone with a mental disorder is probably going to have more luck with this then the conservative narrow minded thinker. i felt like a freak at first, but one is the wiser when i gave in to it. Sometimes i feel like Satan himself for all things i get away with beware...
Submitted by Tengri (not verified) on 30 Sep 2009 - 00:48 Permalink

This is solid information. Less "weird" or "hokey" than his other books or information from the same publisher. All the books have issues due to them coming out in the 50's. One thing I must say about the publisher. Originally murphy's books came out from the same publisher. You can see his books in the book lists in the back of all the paperbacks. I knew murphys teacher. Used to be my neibor in 1996. I learned some interesting things about salesmen. Your infinite power to become rich is a salesmens bible. What I find interesting if not troubling is a lot of these out-of-print books are ripped off or rehashed by other unscrupilous types, basically with the same issues I learned about from murphys university professor, my neibor. This hackery was invariably incorporated into the modern day seduction, NLP and self-help circles. If you do the reasearch and dig up old references. You'll realize that people are intentionally/unintentionally commiting "intellectual plagarism" by denying the genetic roots of the concepts. Or they are using methods basically to control people. Witchcraft, kinesics, body language, mantras, magic spells. What i'm seeing a lot of is people are not products of what they teach. In other words, there is more going on than meets the eyes. I learned from a psychic that used to be based in florida. Who was also an author who is part of this web who really invented remote viewing. She was approached by the CIA *BEFORE* ingo swan and those guys claim to have invented remote viewing (pronounced BS). They ripped off her methodology and tweaked it. Which basically is what makes it "unique". Minus her method as taught in her books and instructionals. What i'm alluding here is more of the same. If you paid $5,000 an hour to learn it from some NLP or seduction guru or "someone else". You got ripped off. And chances are it was already written in an out of print book in the 50's when NOBODY was talking about this stuff.
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 29 Nov 2009 - 02:16 Permalink

I once had a psychic vision of a man who used his psychic power to manifest trillions of dollars, his name is Rothschild and he hypnotized the entire world into using his monopoly money that he created out of thin air.
Submitted by anonymous (not verified) on 07 Dec 2009 - 00:43 Permalink

I can has this book? My daughter requires my assistance and need to propel her toward magnificent prospering. She has gone zami. We must not be flippant with such astronomical gifts and instruction. Please email talk to me as you do not like it: so i can learn powers instead, so you can help me.
Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 08 Dec 2009 - 11:03 Permalink

I wish your daughter all the magnificent prospering possible, but I fear this book will not help. It is merely a fraud perpetrated by the cynical on the gullible.

Submitted by Batz (not verified) on 02 Jan 2010 - 04:47 Permalink

So...I got this book at a YARD SALE when I was 12...I read it, and re-read it... there are elements that work... controlling your body is very important...I loaned the book out at 17 and never saw it again... I picked it up 6 years ago and it has sit on my bookshelf ever since...I need to read it a world of self-exploration and quantum thinking... this book was ahead of it's time... As you can get it for next to nothing... read it... what have you to lose? Listening to negativity expressed on this board is a ticket to no where... negativity is absence of it and see where it takes you.
Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 04 Jan 2010 - 12:25 Permalink

Batz, the author makes audacious (some would say ridiculous) claims. He says you can learn how to move objects without touching them, for instance. It is not "negative" to doubt such extraordinary claims, it is reasonable, because generally people cannot do such things.

The book makes a lot of assertions but there is not one jot of evidence supporting any of them. It seems to me that it is much more likely that the author is a liar than that he really has some sort of magic powers. There are an awful lot of liars in the world, after all.

Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 07 Aug 2017 - 10:34 Permalink

"I can project myself into your room right now and prod you with my magic finger."

"Yeah, right. I don't believe you."

"You could say pretty much the same thing about the Bible and all religions, skeptic boy. ONLY BELIEVE."

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 02 Jan 2010 - 16:11 Permalink

This Book is worded strangely by today's standards, no doubt, but it's the same principles they will teach you in any sales improvement class today. Any information of this type can be used for the improvement of your life and others OR to harm. If you feel that harming others or manipulating them in a harmful way in necessary to get what you want -REMEMBER that the refection theory is just as real. In other words don't do anything that you wouldn't want some one to do to you.
Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 04 Jan 2010 - 12:28 Permalink

"it's the same principles they will teach you in any sales improvement class today".

Do they teach you how to view objects at a distance of two thousand miles in your sales class? Amazing!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 06 Feb 2010 - 15:45 Permalink

Mr. Armstrong, I acquired this book in the 60s. Practiced some of the techniques in the book then tried them in the "real" world. They worked. From my point of view, Mr. Young wrote the same information in four different ways in four different books. Each book is written for a particular type of individual orientation. Cyclomancy: For individuals who are predominately visionally oriented. Somo-Psychic Power: For individuals who are predominately feeling oriented. Psychastra: For individuals who are predominately sound oriented. The Secret of Spirit-Thought Magic: For individuals who are predominately "?" oriented. There is obviously nothing written for individuals who are locked into their intellectual minds and cannot consider anything that might be in the realm of quantum physics. Forget the "out of this world" statements that just can't be true to the intellectual mind. Find what works for you, but remember this: What you project to others must first begin in you, AND IT WILL DEFINITELY EFFECT YOU. Don't project something that you do not want happening to you in the same way it is going to happen to them.
Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 06 Feb 2010 - 17:36 Permalink

This nonsense has as much to do with quantum physics as it has with balloon modelling. Quantum physics has a coherent theoretical basis and it makes clear predictions about observable phenomena that can be verified, unlike Young's ramblings. It is entirely the work of "intellectual minds", and it cannot be used to justify vague notions about psychic phenomena.

(I am not surprised to hear he wrote this same stuff in several forms to appeal to different classes of sucker. I have another book also published by Parker, apparently written by one Walter Delaney, that I would be willing to bet was also by the same hand. It has the same vainglorious style of bogosity.)

As Carl Sagan said, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, but there is none to be found in this book. (Anyone can say they can perform powerful feats of magic, but as this video shows, the wise man avoids putting himself to the test.)

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 07 Feb 2010 - 20:39 Permalink

Neither the "works" of intellectual minds nor idiot minds can prove that God exist. God is "known" only by experiencing the "unknown" and this does not make any sense to a person's intellect no matter how smart or dumb that person is at the time. Even the people who practice meditation know they cannot reach the level of "oneness" by focusing on getting to that "level" even if they have experienced it at other times. We would all be "saints" by now if religion teachings worked, but what is "preached" and what is "projected" are two entirely different things - and very few people get this. A person mainly experiences what they "project". Mr. Armstrong, you experience precisely what you project and you cannot experience anything else. Therefore, nothing can exist outside of your projection that you do not believe in and I'll assume you would rather die than project anything else. (The meditation people tell me that I'm using the wrong word with you. I should be using manifest instead of project. I say that neither one will be accepted by your belief system in this context.) The proof does not lie in the book. The proof lies within each individual and their unique belief system. A person's intellect is based upon their belief system. (The educational system measures only a person's intellect, not their belief system because it is against the law to teach beliefs in the public educational system. Religion is only a very small part of a person's belief system.) Did Carl Sagan ever write of any extraordinary evidence that proved God? (I liked Carl, he was one of my astronomy heros".)
Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 07 Feb 2010 - 21:45 Permalink

Dear Anonymous, you know so much about me, it's scary. No, sorry, you are terribly wrong.

As it happens I used to believe all kinds of tosh. Gradually I realized that the many tosh merchants disagreed with one another in fundamental ways, and their systems could not be reconciled. So I stopped believing in it all, and I've never regretted doing so.

The idea that believing in something for no good reason makes you in some undefined way superior to those of us who insist on rationality is a familiar one, but no less depressing. You are the one with a narrow view, in my opinion.

There surely are many things beyond my experience or understanding but that does not explain why anyone should believe in some intangible supposition purely on the word of another doubtless fallible human being. It is preposterous. Especially because, as I said earlier, the believers disagree amongst themselves. A pox on all your houses!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 08 Feb 2010 - 20:25 Permalink

Dear Mr. Armstrong, I am happy that I am wrong! We are nearing agreement. In your last posting, if you include all religions in your definition of tosh, then I will agree with that posting 100%. (Except for your definition of me.) But please, don't pox my house because that would make you a believer in voodoo and cause me to lose faith in your rationality. p.s. When the person in one of the postings above told the other person about why the other person wasn't attracting hot babes because of his waist line, he was alluding to the cause being that what the other person's belief system was projecting was opposite to what the other person was wanting. (I doubt that I've written this in an understandable way. I hope you get my meaning.)
Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 09 Feb 2010 - 18:28 Permalink

I doubt we'll ever be in agreement, if you can countenance that Young might have been anything other than a huckster.

I'm not sure exactly what brand of tosh you favour (The dreaded "Law" of Attraction, perhaps?), but it doesn't have to go by the name of religion to be considered dreary and preposterous. Humanity believed in and practised magic for thousands of years with bugger all to show for it; science came along relatively recently and here we are, actually communicating at a distance instead of pretending to do so.

Submitted by Jaysin (not verified) on 21 Aug 2010 - 07:06 Permalink

What needs to be understood before even flipping the front cover open is that what is discussed in this book it to be taken with all seriousness. I vivid warning is given in the beginning and if you cannot understand how serious this is and how much damage one can do to themselves just by mere thought then the effort should not be put into finding it. The mind creates noises in dark rooms, the mind blows simple situation out of proportion to the point that the body gets physically sick, and the mind has the power to kill the body without a second thought. If the mind can do all of this damage just think of what beneficial things you could accomplish with it, the people you could help, the individuals you could attract. This book is not meant to attract hot girls at a night club, if thats what you want to use it for, then you have been warned. This book is meant to find inner peace and strength that should be used to benefit yourself and others. Use it wisely. P.S. Only a fool with a death wish would get on national television and display "magic trick" as someone earlier called it. The most magnificent people in the world today are unknown for good reasons. We all can do everything Jesus Christ did and more but to display the powers that each and everyone of us has inside would be an instant death, I can promise you that.
Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 21 Aug 2010 - 16:45 Permalink

Actually, "what needs to be understood" is that to convince others of your point of view it's wise to provide arguments based on evidence, rather than making a series of unfounded assertions. Otherwise you are liable to be taken for a charlatan.

And if you don't agree I shall melt your socks, simply by thinking about it. What, you don't believe me? Why ever not?


Submitted by I have this book (not verified) on 10 Oct 2010 - 13:28 Permalink

Hi, I have all his books, bought it in the 70s at kinokuniya at plaza singapore. get in touch with me. His Yoga book on body building works. I had the book at 15 and did most of the exercises in there
Submitted by jayant (not verified) on 25 Oct 2010 - 18:23 Permalink

I would be interested to buy / barter the books. if you have 100's of seminars and books on many subjects. Please let me know if you would be interested to sell the copy. if scanned will be even better. Please let me know. thanks Jayant
Submitted by Kerry (not verified) on 10 Nov 2010 - 06:26 Permalink

I'm VERY interested to get a copy of Cyclomancy. The least expensive copy I have found is $159.00 USD. I'm going to continue to look for a copy a little less pricey but if I can not find one in the next few weeks I will make that purchase. Has anyone who has read the book been able to develop any of the abilities that the aurthor speaks about?.....The NLP type of skill set is nice ;but I'm more curious about the ability to develop telekinetic abilities. Has anyone risen to this level? Can anyone share their experiences/accounts with the material in this book (x-ray vision, Remote Viewing, telekinetics) ...... personal or otherwise, would be greatly appreciated....Thank You
Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 10 Nov 2010 - 10:36 Permalink

Kerry, I am curious too. Curious as to why, with absolutely no evidence whatsoever that this book can impart any special powers (or indeed that it contains any useful information at all), people such as yourself are willing to shell out inflated sums for it.

This book, and others published by Parker, such as Telecult Power and Ultra-Psychonics, scream "quack" from every page. Yet still people lap them up, apparently.

What's the birthrate round where you live? About one a minute, is my guess.

Submitted by Kerry (not verified) on 10 Nov 2010 - 23:18 Permalink

Wow!!!!.......... I can not believe how incredibly rude you are. I live in Cambridge MA. the EDUCATIONAL capital of the world for your information. Now I could sit here at my keyboard, and speak about my time at M.I.T. and shoot insults your way ;but why would I waste my time on a person such as yourself? So please... practice, what I'm sure your mother taught you, and that is, if you do not have anything POSITIVE to say dont say anything at all.
Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 10 Nov 2010 - 23:48 Permalink

Kerry, you come to a page on which I have roundly mocked a preposterous work of non-literature, and you gush about it as if it were written on tablets handed down from on high ... and then you are surprised when I turn my attention to you?

I don't care where you live or where you went to school, and the fact that you mention these things only makes you seem sillier. It's what you do with your education that counts, not where you happened to get it. Only the shallow think otherwise. Where did Albert Einstein go to school? Mahatma Gandhi? Elvis?

As for rudeness, I'd like to say my late mother taught me everything I know, but she was a somewhat sweeter person than I. It's not a virtue to be rude, but it's not much of a sin, either. Some of the most vicious bastards have excellent manners.

Never mind, when you do get a copy of Cyclomancy, you'll be able to exact your revenge on me with your almighty psychic powers. You and all the others I have irked over the years: I wonder why I am not plagued with boils already. Oh, that's right: it's because MAGIC DOESN'T WORK. Sorry.

Submitted by Metz77 (not verified) on 13 Dec 2013 - 17:20 Permalink

Funny thing about engineers... from what I've seen, they tend to be about as easily suckered as the average person, but be much more confident about their conclusions because they think they're scientists.

Submitted by Kerry (not verified) on 12 Nov 2010 - 23:44 Permalink

Alfred, It is painfully obvious that you are as moronic as you are rude. Why I have lowered myself to even dignify you with a responds is beyond me. you are truly a lower life form I have more respect for pond scum.
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 27 Nov 2010 - 04:33 Permalink

Having had a library of occult books, and the ones from parker publishing also, this book cyclomancy and psychastra are definitly powerful.but can be dangerous.
Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 18 Dec 2010 - 13:30 Permalink


You practically wet your pants when someone makes these ridiculous assertions. You so want to believe this tosh, don't you? Never mind me, though, spoiling the fun as ever.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 23 Dec 2010 - 12:24 Permalink

Occult teqniques are the medium through which Power flows. Teqniques do not themselves contain power. The service these books provide is to introduce those with the power to channels of use.
Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 23 Dec 2010 - 12:34 Permalink

Tell you what, if you have this so-called power, use it to induce me to stop saying your beliefs are utter bollocks.

Shouldn't be too hard. Cause me to post another comment in this thread in which I agree with you. Amaze us.

Submitted by Dr. Ed Viktor (not verified) on 30 Dec 2010 - 10:13 Permalink

The book relays on positive thinking and body langauge. When you start to read into it the thoughts he wants you to produce will change your outward self and produce a similar effect. This is a pointless book and you may aswell just be yourself when meeting people try honesty and positivity.
Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 30 Dec 2010 - 10:16 Permalink

Yes, indeed.

Except you can't acquire x-ray vision simply through honesty, can you? For that you need to use the terrible power of Belief in Bullshit.

Thanks for the comment, Ed. It's nice to hear a sane voice in these parts.

Submitted by Lord Turk (not verified) on 31 Dec 2010 - 04:54 Permalink

I remember finding this book at a yard sale in Nebraska in the 1970s when I was a kid. I studied it and read it over and over again with only a spark of true belief motivating me through all of my childish incredulity. Imagine my astonishment when, one unremarkable day, it actually began to work. By that time I was in highschool and full of hormones. Youthful urges and extraordinary power were not a healthy mix. I began to grasp for more and more, finding other books of power, using it to dominate others. By the time I was 16 I had become mad with power. by then I had taken dominion over an entire nation. I can still smell the smoke from the offerings my people gave me. I demanded sacrifices, first animals then humans until one fifth of all the children in the land had been cut into pieces on the altars below my throne and who's blood had spilled down my great stepped pyramid. During that time I impregnated millions of women, devoured food worth the sustenance of whole cities for years, enslaved the free and crushed the proud beneath my jeweled sandals. It was on a trip into space, where I beheld the mysteries of the great storm of Jupiter for my 18th birthday that it came to me that I just wanted to be a normal human, triumphing at life without cheating with magic tricks discovered by someone else that I decided to give it all up. I went back to Nebraska and my old life. I hope this is a good enough warning to anyone who takes this book lightly.
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 04 Jan 2011 - 03:40 Permalink

Tengri. Thank you for your amazing insights. So very true. The entire billion dollar nlp, seduction and to a large extent the modern radionics revival is being powered by the old, mostly out of print but still available Parker Publishing Company books. The books of Frank R. Young, "The Einstein of The Occult", are among the most powerful of any of them. Amazing about how one of the female authors was the source of "Remote Viewing" (clairvoyance and out of body projection). The Russians wrote a technical manual 500 pages long on the Astral Body. It was named "The Bio Plasmic Body" I believe and deeply scientific because when it was written mysticism was a capital offense. These things are very real and the ignorance the average person has as regards it is orchestrated for obvious reasons. Fear of loss of power and control. The Russians even weighed the astral body (bio-plasmic body) after F.R.Y. and his family did. It's precisely 3/4s of an ounce. Fact not faith. So as anyone who can point and click can discover FOR THEMSELVES, Governments have always made aggressive use of psychic and magic powers while dumbing down the general population with the circus (sports, TV and Hollywood). Don't settle for arguments and flame wars when you can do your own research and don't try to convince the profane. THIS KNOWLEDGE ISN'T FOR EVERYONE, IT DEFENDS ITSELF AND IT IS DANGEROUS IF USED RECKLESSLY. So very true that a Little Goes a Long Way. I speak from personal experience and will not answer your emails so don't bother. The original "007" was a magician and spy for the Queen of England in the 16th and 17th centuries. His name was John Dee. True story. So you see it doesn't matter what the unfaithful say and why trouble yourself about that? Show some self control and let the unfaithful be as they are after all we're speaking of mental disciplines and yoga. Frank Rudolph Young was one of the most interesting and mysterious men of the 20th Century. A real Jedi Master if ever there was one. F.R.Y. had an interesting alias as a young handsome anatomical model. "Mike Marvel" became famous to a generation of fans of isometric body building. On this website you can see a picture of him as a young man and as a senior in his 70s: The only interview that exists is in a book by famous author, Brad Steiger. The book is called Psychic Chicago and it contains another photograph of the man of mystery man: Yeah, I know. Don't you ladies all swoon at once. lol Here is a list of glowing testimonies for the most popular of the 11 or 13 books written by Frank R. Young that are translated and sold around the world: Last but not least, here is a post by John Peterson who is a world famous author and trainer of "physical culture". John and his students are uninterested in the occult powers of FRY for the most part (actually some are interested however that isn't their focus in the following post.). You see Frank walked the talk and looked like a million bucks til the day he died. So I repeat. Don't defend Frank Rudolph Young. His immortality speaks for itself. God bless. "Hey Friends, Yesterday a man e-mailed this question to me about Chiropractor Frank Rudolph Young's books wondering if he included Push-Ups in his training routines. The Answer is a very affirmative Y-E-S, yet not in the way you may think. Here's the deal. Frank Rudolph Young was brilliant. He compiled many exercises and concepts from Yoga (Maxick), Charles Atlas, Alois P Swoboda, and of course his own personal study. He was an expert in the field of muscular anatomy and applied physiology and as such created some fascinating exercise variations (that were based in what we call DVR/VRT & Isometrics though he never called them by those names) that placed the muscles in unique positions ( that he referred to as their "best angle of Pull") that allowed one to obtain incredibly intense muscular contractions that could not be achieved in any other way. He strongly denounced weight training as a method of exercise believing that it destroyed the skeletal structure at the expense of superficially building it's muscles for a very limited time. By this Young was referring to the same thing that I often refer to as "Busted Up Weight Lifter Syndrome". ( For our new participants to our forum "Busted Up Weight Lifter Syndrome" is where a man lifts heavier and heavier weights over a period of years to achieve more intense muscular contractions not realizing that he is destroying and compressing his spinal discs while over taxing his joints, ligaments, and tendons. In time this type of training results in permanent injury for the vast majority of men and as a consequence the man can no longer train. One often sees this kind of man at social gatherings bragging about how much he used to be able to "bench". Such men are often so busted up and in so much pain that they can no longer train at all. To compensate they live in the past and brag about what they could once do.) Now back to Frank Rudolph Young. Yes, he taught certain Push-Up variations that I have seen no where else. Some were similar to Atlas style push-Ups in that they created an extended range of motion but the angles were different and they had to be performed exactly as described in order to perform them correctly. Many of his variations were very complex and worded in such a way that they were very difficult to understand. His two books with greatest number of Push-Up variations were 1) Yoga Secrets for Extraordinary Health and Long Life and 2) Somo-Psychic Power. Young also wrote many other books on Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and Psychic (mind) development. In fact, during the 1980's when I became a certified NLP practitioner I was at a seminar during which the group facilitator was making outrageous claims about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) being an entirely new development in the field of neurological science. During a break I kindly told him that before he continues making those assertions in future seminars he should read Frank Rudolph Young's books because he would discover that Young taught many of the exact same concepts under different terminologies. Needless to say, he was amazed when I told him this. Bottom line: I believe Frank Rudolph Young was a genius. And in many ways way ahead of his time. . ---John Peterson" THIS KNOWLEDGE ISN'T FOR EVERYONE, IT DEFENDS ITSELF AND IT IS DANGEROUS IF USED RECKLESSLY. So very true that a Little Goes a Long Way. I speak from personal experience and will not answer your emails so don't bother.
Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 04 Jan 2011 - 10:37 Permalink

The original "007" was a magician and spy for the Queen of England in the 16th and 17th centuries. His name was John Dee. True story.

The fact that you include this snippet of non-information in your ramblings says it all really. You seem to have the same disease of the mind as Young, one which says that piling on a load of a unsupported and often unrelated assertions amounts to an argument.

Young may well have been an amazing physical specimen, he may even have known a lot about Yoga, but that doesn't mean he could move objects with his mind or that he was in any other way "psychic".

There's been a lot of wild nonsense talked about Young and this book, but so what? A carney barker announces there's a two-headed woman inside the tent. According to you, the rest of us should believe in this wonder, just because you say so. As for it being dangerous, I am prepared to risk that: prove it.

Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 04 Jan 2011 - 15:41 Permalink

Oh yeah, and "famous author" Brad Steiger thinks that lens flare is an aura. Go here and scroll down to the pictures below the title "The Divine Fire". What a prune.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 04 Jan 2011 - 08:49 Permalink

Here's the correct link for the young "Mike Marvel" photo and the senior Frank R. Young photo. The super endurance feats this advertiser describes are done with some very simple and valuable exercises contained in Cyclomancy.
Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 04 Jan 2011 - 11:35 Permalink

Exercises, presumably including the instruction to "take deep breaths to saturate yourself with electrons". Taking deep breaths might well be useful, but the addition of the nonsensical reference to electrons is there purely to make it sound more scientific. In other words, it's hokum.

And that link? Astonishingly, it's to another page in the same vein of overwrought bullshit. What a buffoon you are.

Submitted by joblesse oblige (not verified) on 04 Jan 2011 - 12:57 Permalink

I'm inclined to wonder if all these commentators trying to 'big-up' the Parker Publishing titles are book dealers - anxious to keep the demand up.
Submitted by Binky (not verified) on 10 Jan 2011 - 22:07 Permalink

Alfred my good man, seeing as you have copies of these works would you like to sell me them? This amusing turn of conversation has piqued my curiosity as to what could have got two strangers so worked up on the internet.
Submitted by Carlos L Irizarry (not verified) on 17 Feb 2011 - 04:22 Permalink

I started reading his other moronic book. "The Laws of Mental Domination", and couldn't justify another wasted minute. My impression is if your self esteem is incredibly low, reading the pure fantastic bull in the book, AND wanting desperately to believe in it, will give you the temporary benefit of improving your self esteem. If this is sustained for some time, the net result will be an improvement in self worth (judged only by you) that will benefit you. But thinking you somehow got superhuman mental powers, will show little evidence at the end of the day. At that time you will collapse in despair, or (I hope so) realize that your gains were not product of Young brain washing, but the result of daring and learning to be more assertive. It is this latter one that you had in you all the time and Young books were only the crutch that helped you dare to try. There is no magic or trick that will develop your mind into a tool of domination. This is achieved by power, money or personality. Politics and how you treat people, how you socialize and relate to them is far more helpful that imagining a person is a slave in your mind, and that by projecting your desires for a few seconds will make them do your bidding. These paragraphs will do you more good than all of Young books together... and its free!
Submitted by Carlos L Irizarry (not verified) on 17 Feb 2011 - 04:26 Permalink

Oh by the way... I'll sell anyone the book "The Laws of Mental Domination" for $10 cash or Paypal + $5.00 S&H via USPS. I COMMAND YOU TO GET THE BOOK! LOL
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 01 Mar 2011 - 23:57 Permalink

I once bought the "Mike Marvel" course (FRY's Isometrics) when I was a kid and to be honest, it didn't do a single thing for my muscles. Weightlifting, however, grew them substantially. Isn't it almost confounding that there would be a sound scientific explanation (hypertrophy through increased protein synthesis, due to adaptive mechanisms, responding to over exertion of nerves and micro-damage to muscle tissue) for what actually worked, and a load of hysterically inaccurate assertions (Listen, Chum! I know a super secret exercise...) suporting what didn't? As far as "remote viewing" and all that military stuff between the Russians and the US goes, read "The Men Who Stare At Goats." The people in charge of that stuff were shell shocked psychedelic drug users, and the budget was laughably small. Most of the real work was "PR image brainstorming" aimed at making the US army seem more apealing to Hippies who ascribed credibility to New Age doctrines. The people involved may have thought otherwise, but one notable comment on the program by senior military officials referred to it as "utter non-sense" and the purpose of the unit was constantly called into question. Seriously, folks. I wasted $5.00 plus s/h as a 12 year old on silly exercises, are you seriously thinking of wasting substantial money to learn how to cast spells with your "hot rods" as an adult? Sheesh!
Submitted by ThankYouMaskedMan (not verified) on 08 Mar 2011 - 02:58 Permalink

I want to thank all of the posters above, on all sides of the argument. I have found your discussion entertaining. I really enjoy living in a world where people are willing share their thoughts on topics that they accept on faith as true: Whether that be quantum physics or psychic horns. This world and this conversation is stimulating and fun. Thanks again.
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I would be staying way clear of this book if you don't want to get into dangerous territory - sounds like Satan's demon's territory to me and he only wants to kill you steal from you and rob you !!
Submitted by Joseph Asare (not verified) on 29 Apr 2011 - 16:02 Permalink

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Useful info? If you like pretentious forms of mental training, why not buy a book on NLP instead? Cheaper, and just as good. The gobbledygook won't be quite as overblown, but you can still get your fix of variably worthwhile advice dressed up with pseudoscientific drivel.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 06 Jul 2011 - 02:58 Permalink

Alfred, Normally I wouldn't bother to comment on world viewpoints that are as obviously asinine as yours typically are, but for some reason I felt compelled to do so this time. If you think that there are no people out in the world with advanced psychic powers you are delusional - and at best unrealistic. There are several things that stand out: You are woefully ignorant of physics beyond the Newtonian model. Prominent physicists from MIT, Stanford and Oxford (as well as other "prominent" institutions of higher knowledge) have soundly declared that what they have learned in the last 10 about Quantum physics has virtually debunked Einstien's E=MC2 theory of light and relativity. I'm not one to call people out, but you may seem intelligent to the "pitchfork and torch" level-of-knowledge-about-advanced-physics folks that typically post on this board, but to anyone who has any true depth of knowledge about the subject knows that the power of psychokinesis defies the limits that were previously believed about space, time and matter. You have demonstrated that you have obviously: - Not read the book in full with comparative exposure to advanced quantum mechanics - Know next to nothing about current quantum physics studies - Are fairly (very) close-minded You appear to not have the capacity to understand anything you are not approved to think as dictated by public education standards. However, you do possess the ability to sound rational and intelligent to people who do not know any better. I would think that someone as "intelligent" as you obviously like to believe that you are, would have enough intellectual curiosity to have run into (and actually read) at least one white paper from at least one credible modern physicist that substantiates Mr. Young's information. In other words, you are a blowhard (and I do mean hard) who thinks that he knows more than he actually does - and patently refuses to attempt to find out more. That is the definition of an "arrogant fool". For those of you who choose to actually READ Mr. Young's book before dismissing it, don't be dissuaded by the ignorant blowhards on this board. Its for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. P.S. People thought Copernicus was a kook too. Look how that turned out.
Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 06 Jul 2011 - 10:30 Permalink

I would think that someone as "intelligent" as you obviously like to believe that you are, would have enough intellectual curiosity to have run into (and actually read) at least one white paper from at least one credible modern physicist that substantiates Mr. Young's information.

Go on, then, name one. Bet you can't. Simply claiming that quantum physics, which I actually have read quite a lot about - though I wouldn't dare say I am anything other than an interested layman - supports Young, isn't any sort of argument. Evidence, that's what we want. There certainly isn't any in the book. Painting me as a reactionary trying to hold back the advanced forces of science led by yourself and Young is a particularly idiotic notion.

You don't appear to know the difference between bluster and argument, so I am not expecting much.

If Young is the Copernicus of a new science, I am Vincent Van Gogh.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 07 Jul 2011 - 01:10 Permalink

"Simply claiming that quantum physics, which I actually have read quite a lot about - though I wouldn't dare say I am anything other than an interested layman - supports Young, isn't any sort of argument. Evidence, that's what we want." Which is the exact ad-hominem passive-aggressive, lazy, non-response copout answer I expected from someone (you Alfred) who knows virtually nothing (your "interested layman") about the subject, but who is handy at acidic ("you can't prove God exists"), yet intellectually vacant responses. Who "believes it" Alfred? You want "examples"? Lookup William Tiller - Stanford PhD - Prof Emeritus Lookup John Hagelin - PhD - Dartmouth Und. - MIT/Harvard Masters/PhD Lookup Fred Alan Wolf - PhD UCLA - Nat'l Book award - Univ London, Univ Paris etc Lookup Nick Herbert PhD - Stanford Can go on and on. So let me pre-empt any more continued ignorance - I mean "skepticism" on your part: If you want to make "arguments" as if no one of "substance" and "science" believes in the powers of the mind to alter matter and reality you'd be well served to do some cursory research before spouting off to denigrate something and winding up looking like an even more ignorant jackass. Not everyone that passes through the net (particularly YOUR site) is a malleable, uninformed, lemming/idiot/goofball that can be browbeaten into a compliant view Alfred. Why not expand that brain, of which you're so in love with demonstrating the prowess, and attempt to understand something that you have mistakenly dismissed as foolish? As the bible says (1 Corinthians 1:27): "God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise". You're being very wise at this point Alfred. BTW - Go Copernicus! (PS. Alfred - Van Gogh's artwork never made any money until after he was dead. We also see how THAT turned out; don't we?)
Submitted by whatthebleephead (not verified) on 07 Jul 2011 - 07:17 Permalink

asking for evidence is an ad-hominem? I can only guess that you were holding back the "evidecne" (your not the only one who can use scare quotes) and waiting for someone to ask for it so you can call them passive aggressive and lazy. You write a lot and say very little, you still didn't provide the evidence that these celebrities claim to have found that proves the possibility of mind over matter. Who is disputing E=mc2 though and who thought copernicus a kook? that was your most specious claim
Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 07 Jul 2011 - 10:52 Permalink

Some scientists believe in God while others are atheists, so the formula that Professor X says Y is worthless.


As the delightfully-named whatthebleephead says, dropping a lot of names without citing specific papers or other publications does not move the argument on. If you know what these no doubt fine chaps said, then don't hold back: show us.

But we'll want to see specific evidence in support of what Young actually says, since even if these people do believe in mind over matter in some sense, that doesn't lead to the conclusion that Young's book has any substance either. Young makes many extraordinary claims, the bulk of which would need to be supported if he isn't to be seen as an exaggerator at best.

By the way, you are a dickhead. (I just wanted to make an ad hominem attack so you know what it is for next time.)

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 07 Jul 2011 - 05:09 Permalink

Yes, "Phil YH" "Yet again, it seems to cause something I might able to handle well. I will have to pass on this one." I'll assume English is your seventh language, because if you proffer that you can ""handle (it) well" yet "will have to pass", either: 1. You failed the "English Comprehension and Expression" course you took at the local junior college. or 2. You are just another lemming/jackass who is too dumb/lazy/intellectually stunted to take time to research viable contrasting research by credible researchers and fall back to kissing Alfred's butt (which is saddest of all) to get your "approval pellet".
Submitted by Rob (not verified) on 07 Jul 2011 - 12:59 Permalink

Dear Anonymous, you seem to be a real genius and should consider a career at a university. You've taught me things about quantum physics that I'd never heard of – and I am a physicist, though, admittedly, not a very quantum one. As to your list of names of people claiming nonsense: William Tiller: Retired („emeritus“) professor of Materials Science and Engineering, makes money with the selling of books and DVDs where he claims that there are strange forces the existence of which he has failed to prove for the last 30 years. John Hagelin: Indeed a real physicist who has done some real and actually quite good work in physics but has some rather wierd beliefs which he has tried to prove with not very good methods. For instance he once put a few thousand meditating people in Washington, D.C. for a few weeks and claimed afterwards that that had lowered the rate of „violent“ crime by 18% - compared to what it (according to him) would have been without them. His calculations of the level of crime without Hippies lost in time included factors like the magnetic field of the earth... Sounds really convincing. In reality the frequency of some types of crime went down and that of others went up, without anything exceeding normal fluctuations. Apart from where the thousands of weirdos met, of course. No one would dare to mug someone in front of such a crowd. Fred Alan Wolf: Real physicist with some borderline ideas and some that are clearly beyond any border (mind and matter stuff), haven't heard too much about him, seen a few interviews where he talked a lot wihout actually telling anything. It's all „some force“, „some kind of plan that we can see in hindsight“, without any specific explanation of what he means. And lots of oversimplifications that make even the really existing parts of his claims rather bullshitty. Nick Herbert: Again a real physicist (though about as quantum as me) with some real experience and some weird ideas that were helped along with psychedelic substances. Obviously he has failed to prove any of them. So what I'm trying to say is: Yes, there are some people with a scientific degree claiming things that contradict science. Some of them do that because they can make more money that way, using their education as a shield against disbelieving people and complicated terms in order to confuse the layman, and some actually believe their own claims and do what every good believer does: Shut off their brains capability of recognizing illogicality when it comes to religion. None of them have anything aproaching a proof for their claims. And one more thing: The old „scientist x in the old days of y was persecuted for his believes, too!“ is not valid any more. In the „old days“ there was practically no science at all because religion was very mighty and science and education are the worst thing that can happen to any religion. Scientists weren't prosecuted by other scientists, but by the churches and other establishments relying on gullibility. Today every scientist would give his right foot, left hand and all of his hair for being able to prove one of the established theories wrong. But in order to be taken seriously you have to bring forth an explanation of some effect that until now couldn't be explained wihtout contradicting all the other effects that can be observed. What the people you listed did is just claiming the existence of effects that have never been observed, which is religion, not science. Yours, Rob. PS: Please excuse the long text. Was bored.
Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 08 Jul 2011 - 19:51 Permalink

Every time you open that gob, I can smell your Dominant Psychic Atmosphere. You sure you aren't practising the Parisian Halitotic Attack?

Not really a compelling example of the value of Cyclomancy, are you? "Fascinate others with your thoughts"? It's not working for me, mate.

Still I bet you make up for it with a pretty face.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 10 Jul 2011 - 15:04 Permalink

Well, to burst your bubble Alfred, over 100 years ago, before your petty little government backed scientists came up with quantum THEORIES, and other molecular structure, string and whatever other theories they stole, there was a group/being by the name of "the three initiates" who detailed in a book called "The Kybalion" which enlisted 7 principles, that, everything is matter, everything vibrates in a certain rhythm at a certain frequency - these were as he claimed, esoteric teachings spawning back to Hermes Trismagistus of Egypt. (The 7 principles where, Principle of Mentalism Principle of Correspondence Principle of Vibration Principle of Polarity Principle of Rhythm Principle of Cause and Effect Principle of Gender Which through modern day science which you obviously entrust your undying ignorance and belligerence to, has confirmed ;) Furthermore to this petty arguement, the very "scientists" you believe in, back by the very governments that thrusted $100,000,000s into psychic research facilities both America, and Russia(KGB). It just seems for every discovery of ancient knowledge or "mystical power" we have ignorant fools to condemn and try to debunk it, although their philosophies are based upon its teachings, had they the sense to invest where these theories came from rather than stand by those theories like ardent fools then they'd realise "the truth is out there" in all fairness, do you think a scientist, who spends decades building credibility and a career in what they do would "risk" it on these "conspiratorial" ventures?! would you "throw away" your careers?! look what happened to the likes of David Icke when he first came out, he went from overnight star to overnight "joke" - and thats because of the small minded society which we live in, some people are so anal retentive its shocking
Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 10 Jul 2011 - 15:40 Permalink

There's a huge difference between saying, vaguely "everything is vibration" and making specific, exact predictions based on observation that eventually lead to new technologies. The computer you are using to convey your opinions was created through the application of the very scientific discoveries you pooh-pooh.  Do something comparable by magic, and we might be impressed.

If Cyclomancy is powerful, go on, show its power. Otherwise you will continue to resemble a flatulent windbag.

Submitted by DG (not verified) on 31 Aug 2011 - 20:55 Permalink

That was entertaining. I almost forgot why I visited this site. Like anything out of the ordinary, especially when it comes to the matters of the mind, people are going to be skeptical. Just like there are people that believe in ghosts and people who think it's a bunch of crap. I never had the choice to "believe" or not to "believe" in the supernatural/ghosts because I have been experiencing them as far back as I remember. It use to scare me like nothing else, sometimes it still does. But this doesn't make me crazy, it is what it is. ** Now don't go crazy on me Alfred, the reason I am looking for books is because also can sense I have some psychic ability. The problem is, I don't know how to control it. It just pops in and out, sometimes extremely strong and other times a confusing mess. I'm trying to "learn" it. Anyone else out there trying to do the same?
Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 01 Sep 2011 - 10:30 Permalink

DG, I am as you would expect, sceptical. But polite discussion of contrary views is welcomed. What I would ask you is how do you know that these experiences are supernatural? It is perfectly possible, I think, for sane people to experience hallucinations: how are you sure the occurrences you mention are not the creation of your own mind?

Submitted by Jaysin (not verified) on 01 Sep 2011 - 06:32 Permalink

Forget all that $250+ a book mess I have just gotten a copy of cyclomancy in pdf form. The quality of the book is so-so. If you want a copy I can e-mail it to. Only $15 through pay pal and it's all yours. My e-mail is Name: Jaysin Mood: Feelin great!
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 01 Sep 2011 - 18:14 Permalink

Alfred, when I was little, I use to think I was dreaming. But as I got older, I began to feel the difference. It's not that I wake from a dream up and reality may seem blurry. I have been woken up by full aparations standing at the foot of my bed. I take a few seconds and realize I am completely awake. It starts with a pulling sensation in my chest when I'm sleeping ( the closest way I can explain the feeling is if you take a breath in, then push it out through your mouth and keep straining to push air out, even when there is no more air...thats the feeling I get in my chest) I'm sleeping and then I feel that and it wakes me up and sure enough there is something either standing there, floating around or on the wall. At this point, I hate even opening my eyes after I become conscious because I don't want to see whats in the room. I see good spirits and I see bad ones. It's not hard to tell which one it is because of the colors that are around them. I know this sounds crazy and when I read this over I sound neurotic. But it's nothing I want, it's something I want to understand better. I have been living with it for so long, 30+ years. I know I'm not hallucinating. There are so many episodes, I don't even know where to begin. The one that is most peculiar is when I get "blown" on. Yep...I know it sounds funny, but imagine blowing on someones face? It's a quick, hard blow and it wakes me up. It freaks me out and makes me laugh at the same time because WTF is that? And I see nothing, just felt the air. So, for me to think I'm hallucinating out of a dead sleep is kind of hard to grasp. Plus...there are episodes when I'm awake and going about my day, but those aren't as intense as when I get woken up by them.
Submitted by DG (not verified) on 02 Sep 2011 - 01:32 Permalink

Alfred, thanks for that. I researched it deeper and find I would much rather have "hypnagogia" then to think I'm someone like Joel Haley Osments' chararacter in the "Sixth Sense". I found this one article to be facinating. It does suggest however that because I am able to tap into this realm of consciousness, even unwilling, that I possess "psychic" tendencies. What do you think? Hypnagogia: A Bridge to Other Realities Yun-Wen Shaw " To dream and altogether not to dream. This synthesis is the operation of genius, by which both activities are mutually reinforced." Every night of every day, people everywhere retreat to their beds to sleep, and oftentimes to dream. Many of us are not aware however, that the many levels of consciousness we undergo during the stages of sleep offer a link between our conscious mind and its manifested dream world; perhaps even the possibility of another realm of cognition altogether. Hypnagogia, the deeply relaxed state of consciousness that occurs shortly prior to falling asleep, has been recognized for hundreds of years as a source of creative thought and intuition by a long list of distinguished philosophers, artists, and scientists, names of which include Aristotle and Albert Einstein (1). Research into hypnagogia is now shedding light on long-sought-for explanations of psychic abilities and creative intuition obtained outside direct sensory processes by revealing the possibility that our brain may have the ability to tap into other states of consciousness (6). The phenomenon of the hypnagogic hallucinations which occur in this period are characterized by a slideshow of highly condensed, discontinuous, and bizarre imagery of faces, figures, animals, print and writing. Also accompanying this is often hearing one’s name being whispered, hearing music, and undergoing temporary physical paralysis (4, 7). These visual, auditory, and physical stimuli, have been known to cultivate intuition, bring flashes of inspiration, and offer creative insight to those who experience them (1). During this fleeting psycho-physical state, people report randomly occurring visual and auditory experiences which are relatively more disconnected and short-lived when compared to dreams characteristic of REM sleep. Hypnagogia is in fact very common, occurring in 72 to 77 percent of the population, many are unaware of the phenomena (1). A possible physical explanation for Hypnagogia is rooted in the discovery of magnetite crystals in cells of the brain and meninges. It has been found that there are five million magnetite crystals per gram in the human brain, and twenty times that number in the meninges (2). These ‘biomagnetite crystals’ are oriented in the brain in a manner that maximizes their magnetic moment, thus allowing the crystals to act as a system, and marking the ability of the brain to sense energy fields (4). These crystals could very possibly be the cause and explanation behind psychic abilities, as well as the feelings of intuition during states of hypnagogia. Let us further explore how this phenomenon may be possible. Studies that show the proximity of the crystal-containing brain cells to the pituitary and pineal glands, have led researchers to propose that these glands may use information from the earth’s magnetic field to regulate the release of hormones in the brain, thus directly controlling conscious awareness levels (2). However, there is still no way to ’read’ the signals that might be carried by the brains magnetic emissions. Despite this being so, the evidence indicating the existence of these signals and their possible constitution of a means of communication between various parts of the brain, is very compelling. This is the system that many speculate to be that which selects the neural areas to be recruited, so that the appropriate state of consciousness can elicit the suitable phenomenological, behavioral, and affective responses (4). Studies have been done to show that various low intensity magnetic signals delivered to the temporal lobes indeed have a positive effect of producing various hallucinatory effects in the subject . Such effects include vestibular feelings in which one’s normal sense of balance is replaced by illusions of levitation and vertigo. Also experienced are transient ‘visions,’ whose context include motifs that appear in near-death experiences and alien abduction scenarios. Another neuromagentically elicited experience is bursts of emotion, most commonly fear and joy. Interestingly, all of these experiences very closely approximate those in the hypnagogic state. Further experimentation performed on monkeys has determined the temporal lobes to be the part of the brain which mediates various states of consciousness. EEG readouts from the temporal lobes are markedly different when a person is asleep and undergoing a hallucinogenic seizure, or on LSD. In this case, seizural disorders confined to the temporal lobes (complex partial seizures) were characterized as impairments of consciousness. In the study, monkeys were given LSD after having various parts of their brains removed. The monkeys continued to ‘trip’ no matter what parts of the brains were missing. Only in the case where both temporal lobes were removed did the substance seem to have no affect the monkeys at all. The conclusion inarguably shows that the temporal lobes, in addition to all their other functions (in aspects of memory, language, music, etc.), also function to mediate states of consciousness (4). The interpretation of hypnagogic images in some studies have seemed to provide striking examples not only of the existence of various states of consciousness, but also of clairvoyance and telepathy (7). In his book Hypnagogia, Andreas Mavromatis declares that "…hypnagogia gives rise to the insight that there are many realities and that what we call wakefulness merely constitutes one of them…hypnagogia suggests the evolutional possibility of a further expansion of consciousness, and poses a serious question concerning the nature of reality" (7). People have applied many different strategies to channel into the "powers of the hypnogic’ by means of meditation, hypnosis, spiritualism, hallucinogenic drug use, and others. Many hypnogists report states of instantaneous intuition, exhilaration with an inspired poem, mystical insights, and exquisite peaceful joy. Occultists believe they can tap into clairvoyant experiences in the hypnagogic. Others feel that they can engage in self-hypnosis so that they can achieve things they thought impossible or too difficult, by hypnagogic visualization (5). Hypnagogic stages of sleep, with all its hallucinatory imagery, tends to act as compelling explanations for many claims of alien or supernatural encounters. It is easy to imagine how an individual who has had a hypnagogic experience with sleep paralysis, who is not familiar with the neurological explanation, to likely interpret their strange experience in terms of their cultural beliefs or in other bizarre supernatural terms (2). Hypnagogia presets new dimensions of a true New Age exploration, waiting for us all to travel together into this New World. And if any are skeptical, we can gain confidence in our hypnagogic pursuits from the realization that we are following in the footsteps of some of the most creative, intuitive and influential human minds in history. After all, Aristotle and Einstein can’t be wrong.
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DG, I heartily recommend tracking down a copy of Jurij Moskvitin's thought-provoking 'Essay on the Origin of Thought'. It is a work of 'subjective research', investigating his own hallucinatory experiences in a detailed and thorough manner.
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Isn't the article saying the opposite, that people interpreting their experience in a supernatural way do so through ignorance of the science of sleep (also a great movie). It is just as likely an alien, angel, pan dimensional being or ghost as it is to be a psychic vision, which is not to say that none of these are impossible just unlikely. Aristotle was wrong, he thought the sun orbited the earth because he misinterpreted his observations. Einstein could absolutely be wrong, he might even be wrong in a way that I'm not aware of because I'm not a physics expert, but the evidence all backs up his conclusions based on our current understanding of the universe but that could change tomorow though it would require a large amount of very compelling evidence. I would say something about confirmation bias but I'm not sure I could explain it well enough- But this book could be useful
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I will destroy the human race with these powers. Politicians and religious maggots will suffer my wrath first and then Lindsay Lohan and that maggot of a doctor who may as well shot Jacko. I am sick of hearing shit about them in the news.....
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Dear everyone from Nigeria, or close by.......the man has written this book as a joke... Brain horns do not work... there is no such thing..sorry.. he is laughing at so many positive responses because it makes him money.. when people foolishly buy his book, he makes more money - infra red ray projections are also impossible from the human body ...... please simply ignore this clowns musings... he is simply having fun because nobody did it before.............
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ps, I have a book coming out on a) how to set light to paper with only the power of my hands .. and b) how to make things too cold to warm up using the power of breath !!! Please email me for further info......
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for signed copies please send 20 US dollars to papal a/c (if you want to know know to hypnotise ladies, please send 50 US dollars for book number 2 !!!!! )
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I'd like to get this book I'm very interested in psychic abilities I'm twelve and I fear my parents will think me mad if i tell them Is there any way to develop my psychic powers without buying anything? I'd love to but my parents will find out Any recommendations for websites?
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FRY's books are like travel brochures for the real thing. The "secret" he mentions is never put in writing and he knew enough to hold it back. There are only three ways of getting from here to there. The book(s) can be inspirational for a real devotee, but only a small start on a lifelong Journey. A psychic student needs more than a book, he/she needs an authentic guide to the disciplines. The dropout rate is extreme under the pressures of living in the material (illusory) world. Religions fail immensely as they cater to the masses. This is about learning an entirely new language, lexicon, way of thinking not taught commercially. Karma is the ultimate and impersonal judge of whom is prepared to be an Initiate.
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 It doesn't say any of this on the blurb or inside the book so what does that mean? This isn't one of those mystical channeled pieces of bullshit which talks vaguely about spiritual vibrations, it makes concrete and extravagant claims, none of which stand up to scrutiny. Is it OK if people who aren't "real devotees" buy the book and feel ripped off?


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People pay to visit/observe/consider many topics, places, things, from Stonehenge to Machu Picchu, and take courses in Yoga, Tai Chi. Why not a book that purports to show at least potentialities of some psyche developments and makes clear that few will achieve them, but will be improved to some degree? Just knowing how to breathe properly has benefits. The burden of achievement is always on the student. It starts by asking intelliigent, as well as skeptical (not cynical), as all Ph.D. students learn. There is a reason why Ontology and Meta-Physics and Existential Phenomenology go into the noumena as well as the phenomena. To use the wrong measuring stick or method, as just physics, is to be blind in the world of the Invisible Realities. Pythagoras' special school used mathematics, as he said "God Geometrized." Persons as John Dalton (Atomic Theory) and Isaac Newton (Gravitation) never made public their entire findings. So the public overlooks persons like Francis Bacon and Da Vinci, never asking the key questions. Topics like Chess and Tarot are mere curiosities to the public when they are symbolical representations of the true arrangements being what can be called "white magic." FRY's books are harmless to the reader, unlike others that actually suggest such "powers" can be used for egoistic purposes. They can't, for certain rules of the road that apply, and Karma will enforce. Used intelligently, like the article "Metaphysics in Science", they lead to liberating discoveries and new mental abilities.
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Your definition of intelligent is different than most peoples Stonehenge was a burial site, yoga and tai chi are stretching exercises, machu pichu was the capital of an empire, tarot and chess are games, people attaching greater significance to them is just human compulsion to find patterns, good for keeping us alive in the wilderness less so in modern, urban, society. Oh and meta-physics is bullshit.
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$100 is cheap, compared to the asking price for other more pertinent books on the subject. Lest anyone forget, inflation is here, courtesy of the "world powers." This book will be trading at $200 before long. It's money well spent...IF it's motivated by more than curiosity. While the book is just a brochure and the "secret" is not included (try the Holy Grail), the trail to the meta-beyond, and the Key, starts in it. Yes, if someone has the right Karma, the money for it will be there.
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Many of the powers of the mind referred to in this book were proven in scientifically monitored tests conducted at the Menninger Clinic on yogis as mentioned in the following quote: "They found that not only were the yogis able to voluntarily alter their brain waves, heart beats,body temperatures and other metabolic processes ordinarily considered to be regulated by the autonomic nervous system, but that the ability to voluntarily control these processes could be taught to others with little difficulty in a relatively short time. Charles A.Garfield Ph.D PEAK PERFORMANCE"
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"Many of the powers of the mind referred to in this book?" Let's check them off:



Possibly the last one, then, though the book doesn't actually mention you have to become an advanced yogi to achieve any of the amazing feats it touts.

In other words the Menninger Clinic research has absolutely bugger all to say on the matter.

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The results of the research at the Menninger Clinic are fully documented in the book "Beyond Biofeedback" by Elmer Green Ph.D and Alyce Green M.A,. two of the lead investigative scientists on the project. You can find copies at various used book stores and on the internet.
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The prior claim, "...with little difficulty in a relatively short time..." is wrong. For one, any commercial "clinic" can never have
access to the Source needed. Mr. Young often cites that you might develop possibly up to 10 percent more from where
you start, and that is enough to exceed most others. But truly outstanding developments, as suggested, are of only the
rarest of demonstrations in very needful circumstances. There are rules in place which are not possible to bypass,
by anyone.

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Aristotle's heavenly observations were probably right on.
The western world had our dear mother earth, ( our home
after all, no ? ) as the center of our observed universe;
until Galileo came along and conjectured up a theory,
with the use of a ( borrowed,stolen ? ) lensed telescope.
That theory is forced down our throats to this day; with
no veritable evidence shown to us, to date !
Even with the satellites and other man-made space craft
traveling close to our other planets, NO relevant
news on how our galaxy basically works !
Tycho Brahe, a brilliant scientist and a mentor of
Kepler came up with the most plausible theory in that
period of earth's history ! From his observations using
a non-lensed telescope, he postulated that all the planets
travelled around our dear Sun except for our dear Earth !
Wow, the Sun travels around us !! Something liKe circles
within circles, perhaps even mentioned in the old testament;
in the Holy Bible ?
That is until Galileo came along and unfortunately spoiled
everything, to this day. A lot of written material becomes
almost worthless since that time. All that just for a bit
of quick notoriety ? A lot of money down the tubes.
Something like nowadays with the blatant misuse of other
people's money by too many corrupt hands absconding with
the innocent public purses !

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Shoot an arrow. What does that mean? I read no definition of what that statement meant. It left me without the ability to actually put the knowledge to the test.

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people, i hav got this book, an i am here to start practicing this from today, if anybody wanna join me, just ping me on 8096780968, or strightly, only for serious n dedicated practioners. in INDIA, rushikesh on the banks of river ganga. hari om!

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Hilarious commentary here - thanks AA, very entertaining.

If anyone wants a copy of this ridiculous book, you can download it for free on avax.

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This book is beyond AWESOME!!! I am glad that many people thinks this incredible tome is all hogwash or fake. Only those whose minds are open and have evolved to a level of true hermetic understanding should be allowed access to this powerful material. It changed my life in ways that words can never do justice!

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To anyone wanting the book...I have it for sale make me a reasonable price and we can go from's the original book in excellent condition

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To anyone wanting the book...I have it for sale make me a reasonable price and we can go from's the original book in excellent condition

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To anyone wanting the book...I have it for sale make me a reasonable price and we can go from's the original book in excellent condition

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Visualizing a piece of steak is not the same as eating it. I fail to see how that shows he wasn't a vegetarian. So anything tried from any of his books and didn't work? That's the bottom line for me.