Moles and Their Meaning

Harry De Windt
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Moles and their Meaning

This little book is something of a classic of its kind. It first came to my notice through Ash and Lake's Bizarre Books (1985, 1998), an admirable publication which I strongly recommend, though its authors take a fairly light-hearted approach to their material, eschewing any more profound analysis such as that universally applied here.

Harry De Windt had previously written a number of works of travel and adventure, including Finland as it is, From Pekin to Calais by Land and Through Savage Europe. This, though, seems to be his only venture into the field of divination and he brings to it an unusual sensibility. Although this is a cheap little volume (original price 1/6), uniform with such dispensable items as Pearson's Dream Book and Hands and How to Read Them, De Windt strikes a scholarly pose, invoking the ancient physiognomists Richard Sanders (1613-1687?) and Johann Kaspar Lavater (1741-1801) in support of the seriousness of his work.

Silly ideas are made no less silly because some gentlemen long deceased once wrote books about them. Be that as it may, the essential concept presented here is that:

... every mole upon the face of man or woman has upon some other portion of the body a corresponding birthmark, the position of which can generally be located with startling accuracy.


Sanders, whom De Windt quotes in a prefatory note, put the same idea more quaintly - if not convincingly:

Nature doth represent the merchant, who having stored his shoppe with all sorts of ware, finds it inconvenient to bring it all to the open window to be seen, (it being indeed impossible) but exposeth to the open view, some small quantity of everything by which may be judged what is within. Thus from the moles in the face, (as in a compendium or index to the whole volume of the body,) we find the other moles of the body, and derive a certain judgment therefrom.

(Weird punctuation uncorrected). So in fact it is not the moles on the face that have a meaning, it is those other moles somewhere else, usually covered by one's clothing and hence not available for inspection, that are significant. The facial ones simply tell the informed “moleosopher” where the meaningful ones are lurking, so they can be interpreted. If this were not enough, then any doubts as to the worth of De Windt's thesis are dispelled by the prognostications he gives for each possible position for a mole, using the numbering system presented on his “face chart”, as in this very typical example:


Facial position: Bridge of nose
Presumptive sister-mark: Right thigh, just below the groin.


Honey-coloured: “A man of singular good wit, happy in getting goods. It promiseth inheritance, the favour of superiors and the like.”
Black: Peril of a fatal but lingering malady connected with the stomach and liver, which will only be averted by great care in diet.


A frail, delicate constitution. Some peril connected with childbirth. “Take notice in this type of one secret I glean from Baptista Portae's 'Natural Magick.' If she be corrupt, the grissel at the end of the nose is cut, as it were, or separated from the bone.” Let such an one wear light blue gems and take heed of the fourth day of the month of her birth.
Astral domination: Saturn and Mars.

Enrique Iglesias, with mole

You will notice that, as De Windt explains, “in women the colour of a mole has no significance, but in the opposite sex it must be closely studied in diagnosing the character and future” - which is rightly in keeping with the arbitrariness and irrationality of the work as a whole.

To avoid any suspicion of prejudice, though, let us put De Windt to the test. Until it was removed by surgery the singer Enrique Iglesias had a mole on his right cheek, near to his nose. What did it say about him? The mole was “honey-coloured” rather than black, and it appeared at position 54 in the face chart. Here's what De Windt says about such a case:

Denotes misfortune, but only at an advanced age. Youth and middle age shall be peaceful and prosperous. This sign is specially favourable to the knowledge of secret and occult things - a marvellous and intuitive reader of human character.

Its “presumptive sister-mark” is this time “under the left armpit”. I can't find a picture that shows that area of Signor Iglesias and anyway he might have had that mole removed, too. (Damn these modern advances, that make divinatory work so tricky!) Still, I think you'll agree that De Windt's assertion that Enrique is “prosperous” is accurate, even, one might say, “spot on”!

Finally. whether you believe in De Windt's method or not, I think we should all make a point in future - just in case - to inform every woman we meet who has a mole at the corner of her left eye, that, while we are aware that she is “incapable of fidelity”, she should still take care to “beware of the lightning”, as the book says. (Good advice is always welcomed, isn't it?)

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how do i get this book, please ?
Thanks indeed. Please refer urgently to my link for another example of the very gravest import to us all. William Boyd 14 January 2009
The illustration is priceless. Lotta Anchoviece
i have many mole in the body eg. i have two mole in frount of face near nose in left side and mole n rigt arm . mole n both sholder and plz give me full deatail about this mole

These moles mean you have a highly developed bump of gullibility occupying most of your cranium.

i have many mole in the body eg. i have two mole in frount of face near nose in left side and mole n rigt arm . mole n both sholder and plz give me full deatail about this mole
Where you mole if earlobe back or like earring? Either way, the shape must not be Jesus. That could be too bad for you if you can't see it through a mirror. Shave the back of thou head and look for more mole. Find Mary. Or better, the face of God.
i have two moles near the corner of my left eye

The book says you are prone to leaving pointless anonymous comments on postings and that you are consquently often mocked.

After seeing much in the way of puzzling comments, I think some people misunderstand the nature of this site. They actually think that you SUPPORT the contents of these books, and thus want more information from you. There should be a disclaimer somewhere on each page for all these stupid people.

Francois, I agree with your hypothesis but I shan't bother with a disclaimer because these idiots wouldn't read it. I don't mind them much anyway. I could delete their comments but instead I publish them, after all.

i have just got a new mole on my secondfinger top phlange , it was not there till a month back,and yeah nor is it a mark of some paint ore sopmething.pls comment.

Consult a doctor, don't ask random people on the internet for advice!

I have a mole on my back and on my hand between pointing and thumb finger or lower part of thumb hiding on the meddle?what does it mean?

It means you lack an essential quality called "clue".

the same question...pls sent the reply

Moles have NO meaning. Simple enough?

I have a mole near my Right Brow on the lower side and pretty close to the center between the 2 eyes - what does that mean?

It means you are my long-lost nephew and I have a sum of $1,000,000 in the bank for you awaiting collection. Please send $200 as a release fee.

Wow. This is just wrong.
Its mentioned above that a mole on bridge of a nose and presumptive sister mark on right thigh ! I guess its location some what correct. I have mole on bridge of a nose and presumptive sister is on left thigh (a big honey color mole) instead of right thigh. I have no idea what its meaning.
I have a black mole on my right Palm.Does that mean anything???

plz tell me what is the mean of this

What about a bruise on your third eye? Ouch!
I have four moles in differrent places on my neck; what does this mean??
Well I had a mole on my chin but people kept on making fun of me. So I went to the hospital and got it cut off. I have got 3 more I hate them, BUt I told everyone if they made fun of me again my fist would be in their mouth. That's why I don't bother with cutting them off!
I have a mole on my lower back. it is located direclt in the middle right above my buttocks. I have heard some myths about that being a sexual thing if a female has that. Any help please?

It doesn't mean a damn thing. Forget about it. Please get on with your life.

HAAHAAH really enjoying people's comments/questions and your replies
I have a mole in my Right hand, 3rd phlanage of ring finger. What does it indicates can anyone answer me please?

It means you should avoid falling into open drains.

It means you will enjoy sex with me..

The excerpt from the book was good but your (Alfred Armstrong) replies to these comments are great. Mole or no mole, i believe you can be whatever you want and get as lucky as want if you try hard enough!
i have mole on my left hand fingures , one on the middle fingure and other on the ring fingure , both are on the lower part of the palm side
you can't say the wrong info and say so! anyaway, pleaz what does a mole at the right side of the nose mean? it is not on the nose but next to it. thankz p.s if you can answer more wat does it mean to hav a mole on top/edge of the right side of nostril.

Moles mean you have been abducted by the same aliens who helped the Lost Tribes to build the Great Pyramid.

*rubs hands and cackles evilly*

i have mole on my left hand fingures , one on the middle fingure and other on the ring fingure , both are on the lower part of the palm side
lol! Alfred, you really amused me with your sarcasm of replies. and im loving it :)
I have a mole and all my friends don't care they stick-up for me and defend me in bad embarrasing times they even end up suspended I love them Peace
I have a mole on my Right hand middle finger. What does it indicates can anyone answer me please?
My son Evan do have it from the time he was born. He is 1.3months old, healthy, happy, vigorous n has a temptious smile..
hi, i am sally and i hope you can tell me whats the meang of my big mole where on the top of my right arm and thank you.
i hae a mole on my nose and one under my nose on the top of my lip on the right side and the mole on my nose is on the left side what dose this mean please tell me
wow. i had a mole on bridge of nose n right thai. is it a coincidence
not had. i mean i still have it! hehe
I have a mole on my team and 4 hours to stop the jujitakistani president from being kidnapped, plz tell what does mean

Friends will prove to be enemies and vice versa. Your life will involve pain, suffering and loss. The number 24 will be of great significance.

i have mole on middle of the chest and left side of stomake of 4" and right sholder back side and right side ribbes downside
Hahahahhahhaahahahahaah alfred iz so funny...ur a gud entertainer..d funny 1 woz u shud avoid fallin in2 open drains..i cnt stop laughin lolz... can u plz tell me i hve a mole on ma chin wot does tht mean..i shud shut up nw?...lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I have a new mole in the middle of my lower lips. Do you know what it means?
a mole on my penis so any tell me what means of that
hey do u got it means gev me reply i want its information

I create them. Be well.
I do not play nicely with others. Eshu was my father-god. I got to meet oshun. White man funny. He name everything real to him, in gods' name. What kind of info are you looking for honey?

Watch apocalpyto, by mel gibson. I was once a warrior. I carry my scars till this day. I have the straightline cut per yhe beginning of the movie. We used to Savages and Kings man. What in the fuck is going on, im with the fucking science but all my men have forgotten something.

That means you masturbate a lot.
read fight club. The protag. has a mole on his wang too but he gets it removed.
I ACTUALLY have a mole on the bridge of my nose and one on my upper right thigh, what a coincidence.
what about mole of witch, or witch-mark, it relates to magic bizarrebooks site does not exist anymore.
i have mole in my left hand and on my left shoulder.what is the meaning of this?
A lot of fun, reading the questions. Odd Books, odd people asking about their moles!
I have two moles on both my hands on the same places, what does that mean?
I have a mole in the center of my forehead. I have been told by various ethnicities that I am a very powerful person. Is there any truth to to this? Thank you.

You can render your enemy to ASHES person. You followed bhuddism in your previous life.

I Have A Small Brown Mole DIRECTLY In The Middle Of My Chin... What Does This Mean.???
My grand daughter has a birthmark or mole on top of her head..and my mother had three on her centre of her throat leading up in horizontal position from small to large..I would play with them as a baby..
can some one tell me what is the meaning having a mole under my chin it under and in middle center my chin please tell me =)
Pics or it didn't happen

You need to work with dogs. Or cats. Primarily dogs.

You need to work with dogs. Or cats. Primarily dogs.

I have a damn m0le 0n my left tit and 0n the side 0f my left ring finger and right ab0ve my elb0w 0r watever.Wat the hell d0es this shit mean tell me damnit!!!
i have a mole in my penis head how can i remove it plsss answer me

Agh. I give up.

Maybe I should start charging these idiots for my worthless advice.

lol Alfred u have a fan in me.. my stomach hurts... had such a nice laugh after a long time.. <3 thanks.. peace

Thanks Radhika, comments like yours make it all worthwhile.

Lolol I have truly found a gem of the interwebs!

Thanks Matt, feel free to spread the word.

I have a mole on the bottom of my left index finger. also one below the left breast. what do they say. thanks for your guidance jai
I've been told that moles on the bottom of fingers indicate an unusually above average natural predilection for onanism.
All those in love with alfred say 'aye' well done alfie. Big fan hahah oh ya for courtsey what does mole on upper lip mean
i have newly mole created on my right hand between thumb and next to thumb finger. plz some body tell its meanings..
i have three moles in my chest and a mole on the left side of my penis..... what does it mean??? plz tell me.....thank you.
I have 2 mole on the left side of my came up frist n I didn't pay it no mine but now its another one that's startn 2 get some size.wat is it?wats the best thing I can do?how do I remove it?n is it dangerus?

I have many moles on my body but some times ago one moles came on my pennis mouth in left side and now a new moles become again on middil right sight .
Please suggest me what symtoms it and why became it.
is it good or danger or not.
please reply hurridely.

Hi there, I have 8 big moles on top of one another, 6 moles growing on the side of those 8 moles on both sides, in two different places. What does this mean?

Look carefully at previous similar questions on this page. Did anyone get a useful answer? No, they didn't.

Do you think I am likely (or even able) to give you an answer to your question? No, I am not.

This site is about books. (There's a clue in the title). It's not about moles or aliens or whether the Earth is flat, so if you come here and start talking about those things, be prepared not to be taken seriously.

I have bad news, my friend. Without knowing the location of these moles, I can't say for sure, but from what I can gather it means that a disaster is soon to befall you. Please send us a chart of your mole locations so we can make a deeper analysis.
I have one small black, two medium black, one large black mole on my penis. what does this indicate?
Again, you did not tell us the location of these moles, so it's hard to say. However, according to my copy of the book, a large black mole on your penis means that you are very gullible and will believe any crackpot theory anyone tells you about. Is that accurate?

Dear it means that you have incomplete dominance between light skin and dark skin colour allels. In other words you are a cross between a african negro and a fair skinned.

Good day to all..I have a small mole in my left palm.I was appeared 3 months ago..its location was below my index finger and above my joining heart and head lines..I do not know what it means..thanks
It means you are about to enter a different state of being. Do you feel some effects already?
thanks for explaining about my grown mole..I was just a new mom and a wife..maybe that is what you're referring to a new being..can anyone explain further?thanks..

I didn't know what I was getting into when I put this page up.

I am now looking for capital backing for a new venture. "MoleSpot" will be an exciting new web site where you can discuss your moles and have them explained by random idiots. You'll be able to upload pictures for the amusement of bored office workers. Best of all, there will be no sarcastic comments by me.

if two peope have a mole on the index finger but on opposite hands ... does it mean anything ??

Moles are messengers from the future. Listen carefully and you can hear what they say.

Usually, it'll be something about how boring it is being a mole.

tht does not answer my question ! .....

No. I wonder how that happened?

where this book is available give address to buy this book

Ah, if only. Long out of print, I am afraid, and very hard to find. Unless you want to give silly money to me for my copy? Always open to offers.

hi, i have developed a mole on my left palm, just below the ring finger, between the head and heart line. What does this mean. As the mole came up in recent times.

Dear search engines, stop sending people here with their problems. It's not kind to them and it's irksome to me.

i have a large mole at d apex of my nose..attached to my left eyebrow..exactly where it starts from. what does it signify? plz reply asap.

It means you can't use the internet any more until you retake the ability test.

I just have to know, why do you need the answer so fast? It's wrinkling my brain.
i verified it this time..but it still shows 'not verified' :-\

I can say anything and people still won't get it, will they?

This site is not some forum for asking questions about bodily flaws. It is about BOOKS. The clue is right there in the title.

I have a mole on top of a mole. Would you call that moleception? Also does this weird, gaping sore on my face have anything to do with velociraptors? A psychic told me about this.

Psychics are always right in everything. One of them told me so, and why would she lie?

Roflmao.. it would be grand if they actually read the page they are commenting on ... but thats just me.. Hope the absent minded get a clue soon!
I got moles all over my danged tomato a mole.....there a mole....every where a mole hole...e i ei OH! do you think the goverment will subsidize my moles???
I have a big black mole on the back of my right arm. What does that signify?
Wow, I know that a brown mole on the back of the right arm means you are an heir to the throne of Bahrain, so depending on your opinion of human rights is either a tough break or a relief, a black mole? I think probably like 76% gay and lucky number is 6.
i dont have any mole in body i searced with microscope,telescope.etc but iam mole less . its this only my problem or anybody in this world shares the same situation like me pls tell me my age is 19
where this book the mole and their meaning available give the suppliers address
my bf has mole in tip of penis .. nwdes m 2 annoyed by my relation can u descibe mole mean pllzzz
plz want reply

Namita, what sort of reply would you like? I am afraid we only have facetious and sarcastic ones available. Informative ones are hard to come by.

Wow,wow,wow!!! This thread is like an alternate reality. Reading it through, I felt like I had just tumbled down the rabbit-mole....
Hello, I have two moles between my eyebrows / above my nose and wondered if you could help me to understand what they mean. Kind regards

You probably have a condition called tractus cruris. The particular symptom you describe is colloquially termed "having eggs on one's face". This is not dangerous but it can lead to embarrassment.

I have a mole on my taint. When I tug on the little hair sticking out of it, I achieve tumescence. How do I rid myself of this fulsome tentigo?
i have mole in my ring finger very near to the lines, what does it mean.
The other children make fun of me because I have a wart on the end of my nose. I asked my mother to take me to the doctor, but she says that the Lord gave me the mole as punishment for touching my dirty bits. I tried to sand it off with a nail file, but then I must have hit a nerve, because I fainted, and now I have a giant bruise on my forehead. I can't face going to school, so I'm hiding in the cellar with only my laptop for company. The internet tells me that trying to remove a wart yourself can cause them to spread--does that mean that if I touch my dirty bits after touching my nose, I'll get warts down there, like the naughty boys and girls who play together in the bushes? Maybe if I use a glove it will be alright. It might be less of a sin, as well. Incidentally, the bruise on my forehead looks like the Virgin Mary suckling the Christ Child. Does this mean anything?
if the mole is on right hand palm out of the fist
only on tuesdays
Moles dont fuggin mean anything, they are a natural part of your body, mostly from the sunlight.

 Sssh! You'll spoil the children's fun!

i have black mole on the left hand thumb finger on top two years past two years i am having and also two weeks before i got the mole on the left hand middle finger can you help so much mole is coming
mole being meaning or mole having medical seen to two years future what on top of help very much but understand little bit words
ohhh wow, gotta love the internet lol...Alfred, your replies are the FRIGGING BEST! (oh, and ps, i really hope these people are just trolling, otherwise I have lost my faith in humanity...)
I have a mole on my right ring finger the is in between the the joint lines..... and it looks like an eye... It has always freaked me out. I feel like its close resemblance to an eye may have some meaning.. anyways just wondering what yall think
I have recently noticed that, one mole has developed around month ago, on my right ring finger, on the centre of first flenge. It happen second time the similar to current one, around 2 months ago, which I removed thought it may be some buring. I feel like its close resemblance to an eye may have some meaning.. anyways just wondering what it menas or significance. Thanking you
Ah yes, the standard eye-like mole on the ring finger. This is a common phenomenon called Allen's Atrophy. It means that you have stunted your mental development and that you are often preoccupied by trivial concerns. I would invite you to broaden your horizons and take up new interests, such as gardening or knitting.
OI!!! SERIOUSLY PPL!!!! *palms her face* no wonder this world is in so much trouble! thanks this site explained ALOT!
i have a mole...... on the back of my neck and........ the right inside sideof my.... left breast...... wat do they mean? XD
I have a mole in thee iris of my eye.. Is it common to have this? And what does it mean?
hmmm..... your iris you say??? well it might just be my opinion but i think you might wanna get that checked out honey cuz ur iris is the colored part of your eye and..... i dont think that having a mole there is....well.... natural let alone healthy unless its like hereditary..... then i guess... but personally id get that checked out.... just sayin'.....
hmmm..... your iris you say??? well it might just be my opinion but i think you might wanna get that checked out honey cuz ur iris is the colored part of your eye and..... i dont think that having a mole there is....well.... natural let alone healthy unless its like hereditary..... then i guess... but personally id get that checked out.... just sayin'.....
I have a mole on my middle phalanx of index finger. What does it mean?
Be careful, death is awaiting you!
I have mole on my middle finger of right palm. when my palm faces to my side it is left side. Or when palm is face opposite side mole is placed like right side. can you give any information regarding my mole.
kinly tell me the significance of a big dark mole on lateral aspect of right arm?Also of a half a dozen lighter moles near it shaped like the star constellation the great bear?
:D this site is funny ..
Absolutely hilarious comments and counter comments...Alfred you rock...I mean to bear with the stupidity of insolent idiots who keep coming back with 'new found' moles is just amazing...
I have a mole on my left hand middle finger and pinky finger what does dat mean?

Recently i got a mole on right hand finger.
the exact location was on middle of top part of inner thumb finger,
what it means? can u please let me know?

i have a black medium sized mole on my penis.what does it indicate? i have heard that people having mole on penis will have extra-maritial relationships. is that true??

Yes, your molology indicates that you are obviously a drooling pervert who wants to have sex with everything in sight. We recommend chemical castration.

my son left thing back said Big Mole on om word with before birth

i have mole on my mid of my eyebrow

i have big mole on my right thigh it is nearly 1feeat mole

i have mole on my penis in triangle shape

The book is clear on this one. Any mole in a triangle shape means that you are definitely a witch and need to surrender to the Inquisition right away. If it's any consolation, you have the power of flight, being made of wood, and the ability to make severed penises move.

I having black mole on my left hand pinky finger's top. what does the mean? please... reply me as soon as possible

I've consulted all the authorities very carefully and I have come to the following conclusion: a black mole on the top of your left hand's little finger means that you are open to new ideas but afraid of what other people think about you.

Thank you

Don't listen to that man! He is a very devil in almost-human guise.

I have moles on right side of right hand, right side of left hands, bottom left side of left leg middle finger and inside of left hand little finger left side.

what does it means???

Please reply.

You've got a lot of indicators here. I've consulted the book for each of these moles and I think I am getting a good picture of who you are. Right now, you face the challenge of discovering yourself within the context of many life experiences. You're not sure where to turn because you are not sufficiently self-confident, but in the end you can only rely on yourself. You like to think of yourself as rational but feelings also have a big part in your life. The world does not always conform to your standards of justice or fairness. You must learn to shine like the Sun and make your presence known. Your lucky numbers are 8, 27 and 13013.

I have a mole/beatymark next to my mouth left side what does these mean & can i remove it please reply thank you

Thanks for your question.The mole indicates that you are looking for answers - sometimes at the right, sometimes at the wrong places, with a slight tendency to look at the wrong places.

I have mole on left cheek of my face n my one friend on left nose what does this mean?????

i have a mole on my left ring finger..what does it indicate???

i ve mole on back side of middle finger (joint opposit side of palm ) and i ve mole on my testacle

I have developed a small mole in the middle of left index finger, and also a mole on the outside between little finger on my left hand, which becomes hidden when i close my fingers and only visible from the out side from the wrist side, what does that mean???

I have three moles forming a triangle around my right eye, does it mean anything?

It means you should beware of complete strangers offering advice.

where this book is available . send the address and ISBN number of this book

Long out of print, I'm afraid. Given some money, I might make copies available.

how much money and where to send?

Don't send any money yet. I'll probably make it available through and then Amazon. But I'll need to scan it first.

According to this comments section, the book would be in high demand. Force-fed certainty never goes out of style.

Funniest link i've ever tumbled across....keep going Alfred n Francois. ...;)

I have nothing to do with this. I'm just moral support against the hordes of crackpots who invade every thread on this site. :)

i have a mole in my third phalanx of my right index finger. what does it tell?

Hi I have a 4 moles shaped in my arm. The one mole are in the center of my triangle moles shape. So it looks like a 4 trinagel mole shape in my right arms... what does it means ? Anybody knows about it? I'm just curious about it. Thanks ..

i have mole on upperside of my penis what does it mean please reply.......:)

Hi, anyone please help me as I'm getting scared. I have a mole in my left eyeball at the corner which is not very visible unless I rotate my left eyeball to my right. I have been reading up and they say it may have possibility that leads to violent sudden death!! Is it true? Please share your thoughts...

Hi, anyone please help me as I'm getting scared. I have a mole in my left eyeball at the corner which is not very visible unless I rotate my left eyeball to my right. I have been reading up and they say it may have possibility that leads to violent sudden death!! Is it true?

Yes, your life is in double jeopardy. The only way to ward off this dire possibility is to send a monetary offering to our gracious webmaster Alfred Armstrong. He has the book and can follow the correct procedure to save you, but the more money you send, the more he'll be able to help you.

@Francois You fucking faggot

@Brad Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

I have a dark black mole on my left hand middle knuckle. What does this mean?

Read my mole and I'll pay ANYTHING FRANCOIS!!!! NOT :P

Can you pay me in maple syrup?

well,its quite embarassing but the self tested truth is- as frequency of masturbation has incresed,so have also black moles on my penis.. its easy to see- directing a lot of life force in certain circuits of the body does something in the etheric body to create black moles or energy flags made by oneself through present or past actions

Pseudo maniac running about.....
Ppl plz stop describing urn moles
all u get is a bunch of jerks sparking a long run joke ...not finding any humor though

I have a mole on the lower middlepart of my right hand thumb.Its newly seen since 4 months.what does it mean?

My moles are in my arm , it is in the middle of my arm... They are 3 ... And they form a triangle... What is the meaning of it?

Sir this is ramu... I am a male candidate...I have a medium size light red colored mole on my thigh....what it tells

sir i have a black dot on the shaft of my penis i have heard that dot on penis indicates sex with multiple women and also he will be addicted to sex and i always want to have sex? it is true or not

I have a mole on my left eye at the beginning of my eyebrow and mole near my lips and a big and small moles on my groin a birthmark on my left bicep with a mole inside what does that mean

I am a girl, i have point size mole on left upper arm, not on the elbow, will this means , i will become widow? Please tell me

black-brown mole at the base of third phalange of right hand middle finger...what does it mean?

mm. hello. i have a question if big bear star moles on right hand means something? :D

I have a very small mole. about 1 mm. It is located on the back of my left hand to the right side. Under the first finger, in between the first finger and thumb. Exactly in between when I make the letter L with my first and thumb.

It changes color sometimes o.o

I have a mole in the middle finger left hand...Wat does it.mean.?

What is the indicate 21 no Mole?

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