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My 10 Weirdest Books

Of all the books reviewed on the site, here's my personal Top Ten Weirdest. You won't find these on any bestseller list.

  1. The Leftist ESP Conspiracy. Nino M Volpe blames his schizophrenic hallucinations on sinister forces that aim to make him marry a left-wing woman. Truly bizarre.
  2. Fasting, Longevity and Immorality. The eccentric C W Johnson half starves himself in a quest for spiritual enlightenment. Includes a terrible poem about beards.
  3. Man v' Ape in the play of Ear-Ce-Rammed. There have been lots of books written about the question of Shakespeare authorship: this is almost certainly the craziest of the lot. Philip Samuels not only claims that Bacon wrote the plays, but that he, Samuels, is Bacon, Jesus Christ and Moses all at once.
  4. Atomic's Bible. William Carter's extraordinary and incomprehensible "book of Devinable Science". "Even the spelling is his own. Many of his words are not in any dictionary. He has wished it that way."
  5. Ghostology. A brave attempt to construct a scientific theory of ghosts, assuming that they exist and mediums are for real.
  6. Hell and The Infernal Comedy. A rambling tour through the mind of a once-famously screwy personality, John Armstrong Chaloner, the Charlie Sheen of his day. 
  7. The Golden Bough, Mary Margaret Bitting's truly original attempt to turn Frazer's classic work of anthropology into a stage musical. The author also allegedly wrote a collection of recipes using vodka as their common ingredient.
  8. Incredible Alliance. P M Doucé believed she was chanelling the late T S Eliot through her poetry. She wasn't.
  9. Alien Influence on World Art, Volume 1. If this book is to be believed, practically every work of art through history includes a representation of an alien spaceship. Takes the Von Däniken ball and runs away with it, far, far away.
  10. The Gospel by Signal. What's the best way to convey the message of the Bible to little kids? How about through semaphore? Yes, really.


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