More fun with science

If you enjoy quack science as much as I do, you'll appreciate Science Conspiracy Website 4. It's not actually a website, it's a book, though one that looks like it's been written using horrible old HTML 3 authoring software. P. S. J. (Peet) Schutte is very annoyed that academics ignore him. It's hard to understand why when he argues so coherently that gravity is a hoax:

A rear view
Demetri Marchessini, Adrian Mott
Ionian Illustrated Editions
The story of the psychotronic generator of the pi-ray and the incredible coffer
Christopher Hills
University of the Trees

Ann Morgan's Love: a pedestrian poem by Arthur Munby

Ann Morgan's Love is a verse depiction of Victorian poet Arthur Munby's own secret marriage with his serving maid, Hannah Cullwick. Munby was obsessed with big, literally dirty, working-class women, making them the subjects of many photographs and sketches. When he died, he left behind a box "not to be opened until 1950".


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