Reflections on a visit to South Africa
Patience Strong
Bachman & Turner
Bro. Yhugm, Rev. W. V. Grant
Grant's Faith Clinic

Lessons in Acting, or How NOT to do it

Lessons in ActingLessons in Acting was written by Webster Edgerly and published under his pseudonym of Edmund Shaftesbury in 1889. As the title suggests it's meant as a course of lessons for would-be actors. Unfortunately Edgerly was entirely unqualified to teach on the subject, being a rotten actor himself who lacked any insight into the art of performance.

Charles Palmer
The Two Worlds Publishing Company Limited

Genealogy online again

After a recent upgrade to this site, the Frank Harris genealogy page disappeared. There was no mystery involved: the genealogy was displayed using a custom Drupal module which I wrote some while ago and hadn't migrated to the latest release of Drupal.

I've now updated the code and it's working again. (Should anyone be interested in how it works, it queries a set of tables derived from GENMOD data. It's not in a suitable state for re-use but could be made so with a little extra effort.)


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