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Harris books

This is a list of books discussed on this site. Most of Frank Harris's published bibliography is included as well as all the major biographies. See also the minor bibliography.
Title Author Year
Elder Conklin and Other Stories Harris, Frank 1894
The Adventures of John Johns Carrel, Frederic 1897
How to Beat the Boer Harris, Frank 1900
Montes The Matador and Other Stories Harris, Frank 1900
Shakespeare and his Love Harris, Frank 1904
The Bomb Harris, Frank 1908
The Man Shakespeare Harris, Frank 1909
Unpath'd Waters Harris, Frank 1913
The Yellow Ticket Harris, Frank 1914
Great Days Harris, Frank 1914
England or Germany ? Harris, Frank 1915
Oscar Wilde: His Life and Confessions Harris, Frank 1916
Love In Youth Harris, Frank 1916
Has Life any Meaning? Harris, Frank, Ward, Percy 1921
My Life and Loves Harris, Frank 1922
Contemporary Portraits. Fourth Series. Harris, Frank 1923
Undream'd Of Shores Harris, Frank 1924
New Preface to "The Life and Confessions of Oscar Wilde" Douglas, (Lord) Alfred Bruce, Harris, Frank 1925
Joan La Romée Harris, Frank 1926
Lies and Libels of Frank Harris Stephens, Kate, Caldwell Smith, Gerrit, Caldwell Smith, Mary 1929
Pantopia Harris, Frank 1930
My Reminiscences as a Cowboy Harris, Frank 1930
Confessional Harris, Frank 1930
Bernard Shaw Harris, Frank 1931
Frank Harris Tobin, A.I., Gertz, Elmer 1931
The Private Life of Frank Harris Roth, Samuel 1931
Frank Harris Kingsmill (Lunn), Hugh 1932
Frank Harris: In Memoriam Bruno, Guido, Harris, Frank, Shaw, George Bernard 1933
Bernard Shaw, Frank Harris and Oscar Wilde Sherard, Robert Harborough 1937
Frank Harris Root, E.M. 1947
Mr And Mrs Daventry Harris, Frank 1956
Frank Harris Brome, Vincent 1959
Frank Harris Pearsall, Robert Brainard 1970
Frank Harris Pullar, Philippa 1975
Evergreen Adventurer Bain, Linda Morgan 1975
Letters to Frank Harris and Other Friends Bagnold, Enid 1980
The Playwright and the Pirate Weintraub, Stanley 1982
Bosie Murray, Douglas 2000